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"Patience is the virtue of the strong" is an old Italian saying. But in today's digital and hyper-competitive world, is this still valid? Or, should we replace it with "Patience is the virtue of the procrastinators"?

Film Annex has three branches working together in order to make things happen NOW:

Online video production
Online video platform for distribution
Popular video blogs and strategies

We combine the power of HD digital imaging with our 12 million unique viewers a month and the contributions by hundreds of professional writers. The result is the realization and the execution of new business ideas in the matter of a few days.

If we want to start an initiative to support veteran business opportunities, should we spend years looking for investors and draw complex business plans, or just fly to a Military base and shoot 36 interviews and go live NOW?

If we want to support the education system in Afghanistan and build schools in Afghanistan, shouldn't we simply contact Roya Mahboob and her software company in Herat to create a network of internet points in Afghanistan NOW?

If we want to support the Afghan education system and its students, can we hire them to write for Film Annex and teach them how to earn money on blogging NOW?

If you have an idea, write a blog like this, so that you can reach millions of people 24/7 and make sure I read it NOW. We teach you to make money with video blogging and how to write a blog and get paid NOW.

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