Nuclear Weapons global peace maker or cause of distruction

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Nuclear weapons were made upon the theory of Albert Einstein. Although he did not intend to make a weapon, other engineers used his mass energy theory and as a result found nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are thought to be the global pacemakers in this era but a weapon always remains a weapon. In my opinion, they are killing devices used by superior countries in order to conquer or destroy inferior countries. They can never be the instruments of peace because they are made with intent to annihilate millions of peoples and other organisms in a matter of just a few seconds. One cannot change the purpose of a weapon, no matter how hard we try to convince other . Nuclear weapons will always be tools of destruction.

The detonation of a nuclear bomb destroys million of peoples in a second. The people are killed so instantly that they don't even realize their own death, because the nuclear bomb kills people faster then the sense organs can send a message to the brain. The atomic bomb kills living beings in a range of severals kilometeres. The bomb emits such harmful radiations that a person looking towards the bomb from severals miles away may even die or blinded. These radiations are so harmful that they can cause mutations in the body of all living organisms. They can affect a person in such a way that their gene are mutated and the abnormality is transferred to their children. The explosion caused by atomic bomb converts threat particular area into a wasteland. The entire area and its surrounding are radioactive and one cannot go even close to that specific area otherwise he will be badly affected.

In the end I will give a suggestion to all of the peoples who are governing the world and have hold on this that they should ban the nuclear weapons on account of their destructive powers. They should choose peaceful ways of settling their matter.

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