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In old times swords are used for wars these weapons caused little destruction than those of in modern times this is the era of nuclear weapons .The race of nations between in the field of weapon production is increasing day by day.The dangers of nuclear weapons as we known that these nuclear weapon when thrown in the cities of Japan on 6th of August ,1945 has opened a new and dangerous race in invention of more and more dangerous weapons .Modern arms and ammunition are great threat for mankind .Thus the age of nuclear wars has started.                                                                                                    The speared of nuclear weapons is serious threat for the peace of world .In Hiroshima where atom bomb was thrown instantly killed 31800 living beings ,the same fate of Nagasaki.This shows the mass distruction and ruin of nation.Specially the under developed countries like Pakistan and India this race must has to stopped by some one because the a lot of budget is wasting on nuclear weapons.The destruction that may be caused by new hydrogen bomb is more harmful than atomic bomb.After world war second in 1945 the U S S R and U S A have been racing for the invention of horrible bombs and India has recently joined race , China also joined this race by the invention of hydrogen bomb.                                                                                          We should save the future of mankind  now the world is looking towards the U N O and this governing body must banned the nuclear weapons .It is one of the basic purpose of the establishment of U N O. So that international tension may release.The money which is wasted on these nuclear weapons used for the welfare of the mankind.                              

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