NY TV Fest & Samsung "Second Screen Storytellers" - guarantees $300,000 for production - Deadline 9/24

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Samsung and the NYTVF are looking for the next generation of TV creators to explore groundbreaking storytelling across multiple screens. Submit your original pilot for a chance at a $300,000 production budget to make your own multi-screen TV series!

The Challenge:
The NYTVF-Samsung "Second Screen Storytellers" initiative invites you to create an original short TV pilot (or selected excerpt scenes) that integrate additional elements of your show on a second screen.
Submission Requirements:
FREE to submit. Just include the following:
* An original short pilot or excerpt scenes. 6-10 minutes in length.
* One piece of second screen content. Maximum of 2 minutes in length. What do we mean "second screen content"? Find out all the cool details here: nytvf.com/2012_samsung.html
* One series treatment outlining the show concept and second screen extension material.
The Awards:
5 Finalists will be invited to participate in the NYTVF as Official Artists in NYC in October 2012.
One winner will be selected by Samsung and will receive a production budget of $300,000 to create an original short series with accompanying second screen material.
The winning selection and subsequent series will debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2013 and will then be exclusively distributed via Samsung Smart TVs and Galaxy devices.

The Deadline:

September 24, 2012

The Details:
Get them all here: nytvf.com/2012_samsung.html

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