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Ever wonder how our ancestors whose livelihood had been farming learned to grow plants and trees naturally?

Back in the days, our Filipino ancestors were doing farming naturally and without even a single pesticide or any kind of chemicals but then they were still able to harvest good fruits and vegetables. It is so sad that these days, due to pollution and bad components, our farmers had been forced to use these chemicals and pesticides.

These kinds of chemicals had negative effects not just on the plants but also on the consumers, the people who are always in need for food. Who are the ones that are eager to pay the price as long as there's something inside their stomachs. Consumers like you and me who are eating three times a day or even more than that.

But I am glad that through time, the consumers are now also turning back from those chemically infected fruits and vegetables. More and more consumers are already switching back to the natural products and are very conscious in terms of food.

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More and more people are now changing into organic produce and so our farmers are also trying their best to be able to produce food naturally or the organic way.

In line with this, my husband and I are also dreaming of having our own organic farm where we produce our own food and we can pick and directly eat the fruits without thinking about chemicals or pesticides on the fruits' skin or leaves.

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We are both going for the organic way and we also try our best to look for ready to eat food which are prepared without too much preservatives. Since we had become pescatarians ourselves, we learned to find better ways in getting supplies which are in line with fruits and vegetables, fish or eggs but without animal meat like beef or pork or chicken.

However, after learning that there are also animal products which are organic, we thought it would be good for us but we have not tasted any of them so far. Right now, we are more of looking into the vegetables first.

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Now, because of our inner longing for organic farming, we were able to find a specific organic telemagazine which posts their videos about anything organic via Youtube. The producer is Spread Organic Agriculture in the Philippines or SOAP. This is in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture in the Philippines. The show is called OA Ako, OA means Organic Agriculture and Ako is a tagalog term for me. So if joined together, it means I am with Organic Agriculture.

It's advocacy is to link every Filipino to everything, everyone and to anything under organic agriculture.

What's so good about this program is that it provides Free seminars and marketing assistance in terms of how to start a specific organic farm, how to maintain it and how to be able to use it as a source of income as well.

They have the "I-Hub It" one stop info center for Organic Agriculture in the Philippines. SOAP aims to link people and information. To give every Filipino the leads to get started on the search for organic farming.

They have their own tag line:

"Good News, Feel Good, Do Good"

Most importantly, their mission is to go on a journey for the awareness of the entire consumers. Because health is wealth.

SOAP started with the advocacy to enhance the information about organic agriculture to provide clean and safe food for everyone in the country.

When the program started their advocacy, there were a lot of questions from the consumers regarding where to find these organic supplies, who to contact to and why they need to use or consume organic ones, the program made a way to be able to link the consumers and these information they needed thus, the telemagazine was launched.

The program has started since the year 2012 in Cebu. here's a video of the launching of the said program for organic agriculture directory:

From that time on, more and more episodes had been posted online. There are certain episodes which both my husband and I are really interested in.

This was one of the first episodes which we had watched, the cacao grafting.

Cacao is a tree which bears cacao fruit and the beans inside the pod will be dried up, roasted and then will be grilled so to create chocolates.

Here's another interesting subject which the show had featured on: Aquaponics.

In an aquaponic system, water from an aquaculture system is fed to a hydroponic system where the by-products are broken down by nitrification bacteria into nitrates and nitrites, which are utilized by the plants as nutrients, and the water is then recirculated back to the aquaculture system.

And they also features certain people who had made extra ordinary works in terms of agriculture. One of them is

The family in Cebu City has maximaze their backyard in vertical farming. These plants include doublemint, citronilla, herbs and other plants.

Their backyard is just 20 sqm and there are lots of plants already available for their consumption and even to share with their neighbors and family too.

Their children are also fond of planting and they had also chicken so that they can get eggs which are natural.

They have moringa which is the superfood. Pure malunggay juice has been also fed to their parents which had been hospitalized before. They also had shared this to their friends and other relatives. They even have grapes which they first had planted it for shade but then it had bear fruit.

This vertical farming that they had started to do had also influenced their parents who are already old and also their children who are the young ones who are now also enjoying the farming side and loves to eat green and healthy stuff..

That was one of the featured stories which I and my husband loved about this telemagazine. We are checking on it every now and then.

Here's another story about Green Architecture. Architect Daryl is part of the Dream Architets which has living plants as their ornamental decoration in their office. They had colored lights to simulates the sunlight and their mirror magnifies and multiplies the light from the bulbs.

These plants clean and detoxifies the air inside their company office. With their company projects aim to show the people to use green principles that are innovative. This lessens the impact of the environment.

Other videos which are really inspiring:

The organic Bee Farming:
This is another episode of Cacao Farm which produces Chocolates or Tablea:

An interesting organic farming of upgraded black native pigs:

Lj Sumulong is the owner of the piggery who said that the native pigs were taken as scavengers kind of pig. He mentioned that because of poor breeding, these native pigs had resulted to having a low profile in the industry.

But he had found a way of upgrading the natives to make it better and more marketable.

One more interesting video which I personally love is the Foods that Heal. This features Chef Ronnie Guance where he also combines vegetables to be made as juices and tea. He had been making these and consider them as the foods that heal.

Here's a photo of the team at the farm of Chef Ronnie Guance.

More videos below:

OA Ako aims at making organic agriculture tangible, sustainable and feasible, by having more organic farmers and producers,  organic produce will be cheaper and there will be no hunger and malnutrition and Filipinos will be safe from what they are eating and the food will be their medicine. Our country will be no longer dependent on imported chemical products like fertilizers and pesticide that is detrimental to our health.

Contact them at:

Phone: +63 917 847 2639
Email: spreadorganicagriculture@yahoo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spreadorganicagriculture/

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