Obama and his new Executive action

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                                     A slippery slope

    The world and anyone that does any act that the US goverment deems malicious is at risk. 

This new action doesnt even define what the extent of the definition of malicious is . That was left up to appointed stooges to decide.The very same people that defined the fast and furious fiasco,The tea party IRS assault, ,The wars in Iraq and afghanistan ,because 16 Saudis attacked us. 

   These people are insane and now they will seize every dissenting news outlet,businesses assets as they see fit. If you do anything over the internet or phone  then this means you.

 So if you look at the actual words it doesnt say Onlky hackers ,It states any cyber related activity that they deem as malicious. This very sadly will be used against Bitcoin and all crypto currencies.

     How ? Well,1 of  the actual laws used to enact this false state of emergency is the international  economic emergency act. That is the foundation they will use to seize the exchanges and wallets businesses .holdings in american accesible regions .no more wire transfers and all they can get they will take. here is a link read for yourself and see if you agree that someday they will use this to attack crypto.Below is the document. Let me know what you think. Bitcoin was written to destroy the current banking system this will be deemed malicious.Not today but 3-5 years from now when the world is used too this newest imperilit action is how I believe they will do it.

.Executive Order -- "Blocking the Property of Certain Persons Engaging in Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities"

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