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There are five aceans in the world.In order of their size,they are:

  1. The Pacific
  2. The Atlantic
  3. The Indian
  4. The Arctic
  5. The Antarctica

Many observers went into the depth of these oceans and collected valuable observations about their histories which have always fascinated mankind.

Pacific Ocean:

           This is the largest ocean in the world.According to one of the theory,the Moon came out of this part of Earth and left a deep hollow which is now said to be the Pacific ocean.The deepest known point is in this ocean.Famous harbours around the ocean include Sydney,Shanghai,Tokyo,Manila and Honolulu.





Atlantic Ocean:

           This is the world's second largest ocean.This ocean is oval or egg shaped.The shores of this ocean are well cut than any other ocean.Famous harbours include Dakar,Lagos,Lisbon,Kardez and South Hampton.The most famous incident on this ocean was the sinking of the Titanic,one of the biggest ships in 1911.





Indian Ocean:

           This is the world's third largest ocean and is border by Africa and the Atlantic Ocean in the West, and the Pacific ocean in the east.The Arabian Sea is also a part of this ocean.The shores of Indian ocean are not well cut and hence it is not easy to make a harbour on it.





Arctic Ocean: 

          The Arctic ocean is also known as the Arctic Sea.It is a great mass of water around the North Pole and ships cannot navigate through it because it remains frozen for most of the year.The most interesting thing about the Arctic ocean is that the North pole is located there.Robert Edwin Peary is believed to have been the first explorer to reach the North Pole.





Antarctic Ocean:

         The Atlantic,Pacific and Indian Oceans meet in the Antarctic region near the South Pole.This ocean is formed by the junction of these three oceans.It forms a kind of circle that surrounds the Antarctica ocean.




















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