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Do you believe in luck? Or how about Feng Shui? I am not a firm believer of it but then again whatever we believe can come true, according to our faith or what Jesus said to some people who got healed.

Why did I think of this blog? Well, recently my manager have been telling us maybe we all need to have some Feng Shui done to ward off any negative energy or bad luck. He said another team went and had some consultation done on them thus they became the top selling team last year.

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In sales, you need all the luck you can get, right? When you go to a random store these days, it's no wonder if you see a small waving mechanical cat (maneki-neko pictured above) or a laughing Buddha statue. As a store buyer, sometimes you don't really pay attention to such because it's just a display item for you. As a seller, if you're serious about your business, you'll do everything, even trying to believe you can turn your luck around by putting lucky charms anywhere. It would be best if it is a win-win situation for everyone involved, not just on the seller's part of course.

Anyway, at the suggestion of our team manager, two of us (in our team) did try and got some Feng Shui consultation done. Others (who are devout Christians?) scoffed at this but hey whatever works for each of us right? And also, what is this Chinese term anyway?

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★★     Feng Shui and Me      ★★

According to Wikipedia,

Feng shui or fengshui (pinyin: fēngshuǐ, pronounced [fə́ŋ.ʂwèi] (About this sound listen)) is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. It is closely linked to Taoism.


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I've never really been a believer of this Chinese philosophy. I've also never tried anything of it so of course I am open to experience it. Who knows what it's effects on me will be. I won't know until I try anyway. Fortunately I got myself a "free Feng Shui reading" at an event.

On Saturday May 27, there was a property expo at a mall so I went there to find prospective clients. The thing is I saw the online ad of the event a week too late. The property expo was on the weekend and I tried almost everything for our team to join it and find more clients but everything I did couldn't let our team join one way or another. Tsk. So I just went there with a colleague.

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Anyway, at the expo, I saw a Feng Shui "expert" who gave free consultations after his talk. The line was not too long but the wait time was quite a while. He was a guest speaker at the event and afterwards he did the free consultations. The guy (or gay?) did palm and face reading and told me my present state/situation. I was told I should buy a golden Buddha for luck but it was expensive for just one item so I haven't bought any up to now. 

Not exactly sure if the image below is how it looks, who knows? He didn't have the item with him so I don't know how it exactly looks like.

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After that consultation, my colleague and I went to eat. She said she still believes in God more than amulets and such. We actually had a sort of informal Bible study that night. Lol. God is still good. 

Don't get me wrong, I am not into Feng Shui like it's a false god or anything. But in sales, we need all the help we can get especially since our team is mainly selling Westin Residences, a luxury property. If it's probably not in your "cards" to be a great seller then you better find a way to combat it. Like, if you're not as lucky in a certain kind of sales category, or a particular year and such, well then we better find a way to augment it.



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I do have a necklace pendant to ward off evil (pic above) but I haven't been able to have it blessed yet. Even without it, my faith in God's protection is strong but I still think it also helps in some small way. I even bought some scapulars years before but never got to have them blessed either. *sigh* That's a different matter altogether.

Somewhere online, I even read that we don't need any amulets or anything to know that God is with us and protecting us. Our belief is enough, but hey some people still need to have something tangible that can be seen as a representation of invisible things, like having statues of the Sto. Niño or Mama Mary in the house or the churches we go to.

To each his own, as they say. It doesn't always mean we are idolizing something else when we have trinkets and other things to be a winner in life. We can actually ask God for blessings and hope He courses it through owning and having amulets and such. Although if you read what's written online about this topic and if you know your Bible, I think it does say not to use such things. What I believe is, it's in how you use it and where/who you ask from that matters.




★★     More on My Feng Shui Consultation Experience     ★★


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By June 4, I still hadn't bought any lucky pendant or whatever, even if I got a call from another Feng Shui "expert" I emailed. I had asked this other person about the amulets he blogged about. He has a blog full of testimonial stories. I was surprised he called me up one day. He didn't really explain what the amulets were about but he made sure to let me know how much it cost. Lol. Price of one is either 15k or 17k Pesos (maybe for a megadose of luck in sales?). Whew. No way am I gonna spend that big money. Although he said there's a 3 months money-back guarantee, I still don't have that big an amount I can come up with immediately.

Even if I can have some extra money within the month, I don't think I would buy what he's selling. I feel like it's way overpriced. Also, after I told him I don't have that money on me yet he didn't call me back anymore. He told me he'll call back after checking my birth date further etc but nada. Won't be calling him back too because hey, what he's selling is too expensive for my taste.


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Now the latest Feng Shui related stuff I did was go to a shop somewhere in Manila. This store has been there for more than 40 years as my colleague tells me, (guess how old he is, lol) so definitely it's legit for having been in business that long. 

I went there on June 6, and when I talked to the white-haired Chinese (?) Feng Shui expert at the shop, I felt like I was in a doctor's office being given a prescription medicine. Well, it felt that legit. Seriously it was easy and fast, I just wrote down my date of birth, even with no time of birth he gave me his suggestions and recommendations. No mumbo jumbo like my first or second experience. Everything is based on my birth date. Cool huh?


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Basically Feng Shui is all about the earth, energy and our interaction with it and the stars (or astrology) so I think it's more of a science than any form or part of religion. Well, some people claim Chinese astrology is just pseudoscience. Who knows, maybe it was even handed and taught to the ancient Chinese by ancient aliens! (Again? Lol) 

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Anyway it's only been a few days since I bought a pendant (Tai Sui General pendant pic far above). Got a prayer to chant everyday too which I combine with the Lord's Prayer. Am planning to buy a few more items from the store because it's more affordable and feels more legit than the first two I mentioned. Let's see what happens in the coming weeks/months. Wish me luck. Haha.

I bet some of you will try and get a Feng Shui consultation too after reading this. Or not. :D Whatever the case, let's do everything to win in life -  work hard, pray and improve your luck but not at the expense of hurting or fooling anyone in the process. Good luck to all of us and our money endeavors.  :)



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