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Oh my, it's been FOREVER since we've paid a visit to our dear Film Annex!  And, for that, we are truly sorry!

However, it hasn't been without good reason...

Mad Ruffian has moved to a new location in central London.  At our studio in the midst of trains and busses and questionable wanderers, the buzz of Vauxhall is entirely stimulating and we have been very busy.  (In fact, we plan to take over the world!)

Since we've last seen each other, Mad has launched her new casting company, Plaster Cast (www.plastercast.tv) and Ruffian has been working non-stop developing two companies (one focusing on pre-visualization for ad agencies and the other a boutique, all-encompassing post services company.)  And, all of these are under the umbrella of MAD RUFFIAN!

September 1st meant In The Woods 2013!  With a 10-person-crew in tow (including Film Annex directors Jack Tew and Andy Parker), we headed down to the woods in Kent and filmed some incredible acts!  The lineup this year wasn't even released ahead of time (because they're that cool), but we got to see some kick-ass bands like Drenge, Ghost Poet, and the stunning Lianne LaHavas.  Our footage will make up the majority of content for In The Wood's website in the year to come until the next festival!

Ruffian wandered off and got some footage of his own that will (if I may say so myself) prove to be one AMAZING promo for 2014.  It's going to require a whole lot of work, and I'm not going to give anything away, but expect to see it up here by no later than January!

In other news, (and probably the MOST exciting of all) MAGNUS is about to launch!!  For over a year, Ruffian has been creating the most beautiful and poignant story about a little magnifying glass who finds himself very lonely in a big world and in search of a friend.  We have big plans for the launch.  Let's just say: standing room only, our studio, a giant projection of our little guy on the railway bridge across the street!

We were 'green lit' on a new project just yesterday - a very cool short film for a company that specializes in expanding business on a global level.  The film will have a futuristic twist on technology and we'll be working with one of the finest post production houses in the world, Absolute Post.  We're super excited, and should shoot within the month!

And, finally, August 24th was our one year wedding anniversary!  We celebrated by staying at the hotel where we got married and ordered a pizza.

Breaking Bad continues to amaze us and, as avid fans from the beginning, we are desperately sad it's almost over!


Anyway.... Until we meet again, friends.





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