Oh My G!

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This noon time TV series is my favorite series and I love watching this while working at my office. Yeah it made me realized a lot of things and I had learned a lot about how the world goes on with people that surrounds us. This is a story wherein G as God is with us all the time. When you feel you are alone and left behind wounded, hurt, betrayed and hopeless, G is just at our back, following us all the time. Just waiting for us to talk to Him, cry with him and surrender all because He has plans for us. Everything is a process, steps to go through and something ahead of us is waiting to happen. God encourages us to be patient and to be brave in any obstacles we have to face and believe that everything happened with a reason. World is full of shits, money could go world round, some people are rude and cruel. I was struck by what Sofie had said into his blog, she said why does she was left behind by this world that is full of sins? Na sana sinama nalang sya ng mga magulang nya sa kabilang buhay kung saan alam nyang maganda at masaya lang. But God has His reason why. She still have mission to accomplish. It might be for herself or for other people or maybe for both of them. Minsan mahirap maintindihan, mahirap ipaliwanag ang mga pangyayari sa buhay. God wants to communicate with us all the time. He wants to believe that we can always reach out with Him. Just talk to Him. Anything, anything that you want to ask , anything that you want to share and confide and He will always listen and understand.


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