Oil Cleansing is a Gentler Facial Alternative

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I bet you’ve never heard of the term oil cleansing. Or if you did then you haven’t tried it yet but already read about it at some point. Well then, I tell you it feels really nice after I did it! 

Maybe you've heard or tried the 10 Step Korean Moisturizing and Cleansing technique by now. It was all the rage in 2014 I think but it didn't really sink into local mainstream media until a few years later. However, if you don't like to do too many things because heck you don't have all the time in the world, then like me, this technique is for you. 

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I first did this in 2014 too! During that time, I didn't know about the Korean 10 step thingy at all. When I oil cleansed my face it did feel cleaner and a bit tight afterwards. No I didn’t buy those commercial oil cleansers, I just bought castor oil from the drugstore and extra virgin olive oil from the supermarket. I could say it’s easily available and cheaper than cosmetic cleansing oils and other facial cleansers out there but of course to each their own.

Some people use this method to remove make up, nourish and wash their face. That’s a three-in-one natural alternative for you already! You also probably won’t need any moisturizer afterwards unless your skin feels really tight. Best to do this at night so you’re all clean and ready for your beauty sleep.

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♦     Materials & Ingredients to Use     ♦

If you’re ready to try the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM), all you would need are the following:

  • Essential oils (basic ones: Castor Oil and Olive Oil)
  • Washcloth
  • Hot water


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The oil ratio depends on you, but I suggest to use more Olive Oil than Castor Oil because the latter is strong and a concentration of it can be a bit harsh to the skin. Hey, castor oil can be used to "kill"  warts naturally you know, so don't use too much of it.

You can use 1:3 ratio or up until 1:10.  1 part Castor oil and 3 to 10 parts Olive oil. Personally, I think 1:10 is good. The least castor oil the better but it is important that it is part of the oil mix you use.

Depending on your skin type, you can use different kinds of oils too as long as you use an astringent oil and a conditioning oil combination. Astringent oil can dry the skin. Conditioning oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

  • Examples of astringent oils: Hazelnut, castor, borage, grapeseed
  • Examples of conditioning oil: Almond, avocado, hemp seed, olive oil

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Some people use coconut oil but I don't recommend it. Other people find coconut oil to be clogging and irritating so I didn’t bother using it even if I had a bottle of it. I also have some sunflower oil but I haven’t tried it yet. 

For additional info on other oil mixes and how to do this method, you can check this video:

(Video credit: holistichabits via YouTube)


I have a different advice on one of her statements so be sure to read it in my recommendations below.

Also, there's no need to use microfiber and or any special cloth at all. Use your ordinary everyday washcloth.

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♥     Steps to Oil Cleanse     ♥

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What is OCM? It’s basically doing the following steps:

  1. Slathering and gently massaging your face (and neck if you want) for a few minutes with a combination of the oils I mentioned. Use enough oil, like the size of a coin on your palm and rub it in your hands before applying to your face.
  2. Putting and pressing a not-too-hot or warm wet washcloth over your face after oil massaging so the pores will open and absorb the liquid. Make sure to keep the warm washcloth on your face until it gets cooler.
  3. Gently wipe ALL the oil off of your face. Do this step 1 to 2 more times if needed until you feel the oil is all gone. If once is enough that's okay too.
  4. I suggest you splash some cold water on your face afterwards to close the pores too then pat dry. Or opt to rub ice on your skin. You can also use the washcloth technique again but this time dip it in cold water then put it on your face to close the pores. 
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Sounds easy right?

Whatever skin type you have you can definitely do this regularly. Even if you have acne or dry skin, have no fear, oil cleansing will still be good for you! Just use a bit more castor oil if your skin is oily or of course more olive oil and/or other conditioning oils if your skin is dry. You can experiment with the combination that works for you but basically the less castor oil the better for dry skin.

If any skin tightness happens, just put on some light moisturizer or use a drop of olive oil and spread it all over your face and neck. :)

Again, to see how it's done, you can watch this video:

(Video credit: Michelle Money via YouTube)



♦   My Experience and Recommendations on OCM   ♦

When it comes to mixing, some people mix their oils in a bottle, others just mix it in their hand.

Whatever works for you is fine. Just make sure that it’s oily enough, meaning it’s not going to be like a moisturizer when you put it on your face. It has to be slick so it can draw out more of the oil and dirt from your face.

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I prefer it that way since it’s got more chances of “melting”,  loosening or removing most of the face gunk build up. If you only put a little oil then I don't think you're doing it right. Use the right amount of oil, usually just the size of a coin on your palm or add a bit more if that's not enough so your face is really oily and rub it in gently like doing a face massage. 

You'll know it's too much oil when it's dripping from your face. You'll know it's not enough when it's like putting moisturizer on your face and it's not thickly spread on your skin.

When I first did this in 2014, I haven’t had any facials in months and I was itching to go to one when I remembered I could try doing oil cleansing instead. So far it still looks and feels good. Some of my pores don’t look too obvious after doing it. As for my blackheads and whiteheads, well I think they’re kind of gone every time I do this. The "oil bumps" on my face are mostly gone after just one OCM session. 

I guess I need to try doing this for several days in a week or month to see all the benefits because I haven't been doing this regularly at all. I only remembered to do it yesterday when I began editing this article.

Haven't had facials done on my face for years. My skin is not perfect but it can probably be by using this cleansing method regularly. Never really been a fan of facials because it's PAINFUL.

Do not do OCM everyday.
Give your skin a chance to rest from cleansing the oil build ups.

I’m your average girl who finds getting facials and using toners too tedious and kind of expensive. I prefer to just wash my face and put some moisturizer with a bit of SPF protection in it and that’s it. Now I think I should continue doing oil cleansing more because it’s gentler to the skin and serves it’s purpose.

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I don't even do face masks. Lol. Maybe because my mom is not too vain? I'm not the vain type either, I only do the essentials or basic skin care stuff.

Anyway, if you're interested to try and do this, you can also buy your essential oils online via eBay for amazing deals!

Let me know what happens when you try it. :)


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