Oil Tanker Explosion In Pakistan

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   The recent oil tanker explosion yesterday in Bahawalpur, Pakistan involving the death of 140 people and t injuring 100 people more or less when an oil tanker truck veered off the road when its driver lost its control was indeed a very tragic incident.

I cannot understand why in the first place those people who died and injured congregates around the oil tanker just to get some oil knowing fully well that it is very dangerous to do so. Oil inside an oil tanker is a very volatile and combustible chemical substances that might explode at any time.

This tragedy could have easily been prevented since it is within human control not to go near the oil tanker. But as the matter played out it is apparent that these people braved the perils just to get some oil from the oil tanker.

Human life in exchange for oil in the oil tanker is not a fair and good bargain.OIL



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