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In this blog I want to tell you some important things about old age. All of us do not want to be old but one day we have to grow old. So we should realize some important things of old age.

In our old age our physical charm disappears. The skin gets wrinkled, and the stature droops. The shine of eyes become dull and dim. All the attractions are gone. The beauty gives up its ring of flowers and leaves. These are only some of characteristics of old age but these are not all.

In old age youth and its joys depart. We stat losing body and mental strength and bodily strength. The body metabolism slows down and the catabolism speeds up. Each and every part of body starts decaying and shrinking. Each and every limb become stiffer. Rigidity replaces flexibility. Even the function of limbs become inexact. The nervous system collapses and does not function as it used to function in youth. In short negative changes in the internal and external  structure and the function of the body takes place. As a result the beautiful physique turn into a cartoon.

Most of us think that in old age we will be in a position to look at the world from a very high plate form. We think that we have the visionary eyes of prophet and pounding heart. We will extremely excited when we recall the days of our youth. We will shed tears and feels full impact of the past. We will yearns for those good old days of youth which are a thing of past. Those days will left far behind. This is how that we think and felt when we are young, but old age is not like that as we have dreamed of in past

Now I will tell you about the physical and mental tortures of old age. In old age one has to spend long days and not to feel even for a moment that some times in the past he also was young. The fact of life is that the feelings of loneliness increases with the advancement of age. This feeling that no body cares for him, makes life miserable. The joys of youth are a thing of the past. This feeling of painful tiredness increases with the passage of time.

 One suffers a lot in old age but does not feel much. One feels  sufferings of one half heartedly. One cannot feel with that strength one once had in youth. One feels a deadly change is taking place. As a result the process of remembering becomes dull. Strength is wasted away and weakness is gaining the upper hand. In the hearts of hearts one feels. One cannot express these conditions in words of one. So one has to suffer all this quietly.

Old age is indeed the last stage of our life. The old man  feels totally frozen up from inside. Physical charm and mental strength have departed. All the systems are gradually slowing down their functions. The old man has been turned into a ghost who has to hear the voices  admiring his performance, congratulating him on his successful life. The people who did not attach any importance to him, now their clap of hands is heard at the empty ghostly body, he was blamed while he was alive. 

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I am a student of Bsc Agricultural scinece .I am from Pakistan. I belong to Haripur.

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