Old Fogey vs. New Fogey

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I really like the Internet.  It gives me a chance to show my work in a way I couldn't back when I was young in the Eighties.  Mind you, I loved the Eighties but now is an even better time for me.  I have a computer on which I can compose articles and blog posts, create cartoons and animations, and upload to a plethora of sites which are willing to show them (like Film Annex right here).  There are also social media sites like Twitter and Facebook where I can connect with other creatives of all sorts.

There is only one problem:  I KEEP DRAGGIN' MY DARNED FEET!

Look, I am one creative lady, and I want to be an Internet sensation and I am thankful for this platform that I didn't have when I started cartooning professionally in 1989.  But the "old fogey" in me just won't let me get up and do the work I confess I love and wanted to do since I was five (back in the Sixties).  I look for every darned excuse to not act:  My animations have too many flaws, my gag cartoons don't even look professional (whatever that means).  My jokes, gags and stories are way too old-fashioned for a 2010s audience.  I'm never going to be as popular as Ken Turner (whom I subscribed to, by the way--love Snowboy and Crow!).  I'm too nice, not mean enough.  I don't even use profanity!

That's when I go to my website, dkladytooner.com, and click on the home page.  After the gorgeous photograph of me (by local photographer William Kazak) and a brief introduction of what I do, I put a section called "Praise for D.K. Upshaw and Ladytooner", where I have gathered quotes from all over the Internet complimenting me and my work. A few examples:

"Watching you and your craft grow on Facebook is a genuine pleasure.  Keep up the creativity, Ms. D!"  --Doug Rice, via Facebook

"You've got some really impressive stuff there.  Seriously, your vids are some of the best."  --alliepertu550, via YouTube

"i admire your animation."  --Seitu Hayden, via Twitter

"Your Toons are Family friendly and cool."  --Dismas Lizarraga, via Facebook

"What I liked best about your site was the fact that you're doing what you love and it really shows thru your work." --Jamie Smith, via email

That last quote is important.  The real reason I do this is because I like it--I love to cartoon, animate, caricature and write.  Besides, wanting to be like someone else is a waste of time--are they trying to be someone other than themselves?  They succeed by being who they are, and so will I.  And so do I.

So I must keep reminding myself that I cartoon for the love of it and there's nothing and no one stopping me except me.  And I'm stopping stopping myself.  Old Fogey, step aside before I run you over!  It's the day of the New Fogey--an up-to-date, good-old-fashioned lady!

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I call myself a 'tooner--one who cartoons. Animated shorts, single-panel gag cartoons and celebrity caricatures are my specialty!

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