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Once you have made your selection, only the contract between you and our agency needs to be signed and a posting of the respective caretaker from Poland is no longer in the way. Also during the care from Poland we remain in case of any problems your contact Their relatives at home. These are the deduction of all required social security contributions, the tax deduction, the payment of health insurance contributions, the remuneration of the elderly care worker from Poland, the application of form E101. This is not an easy task and many families are overstretched.

Short-term care facilities take care of people who are in need of care for a temporary period, for example when the elderly care members are ill or need leave. In the case of an existing nursing care fund, the nursing fund pays a subsidy of up to EUR 1,470.00 per calendar year for the short-term care period. Many senior citizens' and elderly care centers have a few places for short-term care in addition to their residential areas. If you are offering them in your region, please contact the care advisory office. The social services can subsidize the costs of a meal service if their own income is insufficient. At lunch, you can order lunch and dinner in various variations. Most services offer free tastes. The caregivers from Poland alternate in a rhythm of 2 to 3 months. In cases of illness, termination or leave, a substitute force is used.

The flat-rate allowance is 1050 euros for the budgetary aid from Poland per month. For the Christmas and Easter holiday is charged for a flat rate of 320.00 euros each. The actual travel costs for the arrival and departure of the carer from Poland will be paid directly to them. The remuneration package of a total of currently 1050 euros will be made in advance before the start of the respective care service at the beginning of each month in advance. There are also facilities that offer only places for short-term care. The institutions must have a care contract with the nursing funds, otherwise the above subsidy can not be paid. Eating on wheels is one of the most common terms for meal services. The lump sum is payable to the following account. In the event of a delay of more than 30 days, a surcharge of 15% will be charged.

The client grants the accommodation service from Poland free accommodation in the form of a separate, furnished room and also free food to an appropriate extent. The contract can be made in writing with a period of fourteen days at the end of the month. No notice shall be given before the start of the contract. For short-term assignments with a duration of less than 30 days, an additional processing fee of 450, - Euro will be charged for the pro rata costs incurred for the workdays. This form will be handed over to us by the elderly caretaker from Poland. You do not have to worry about anything else.

The other necessary services are also handled by us in Poland. Of course, we also fulfill all our duties as an employer here in Poland. Advantages for our customers. You do not pay commission to a German brokerage firm.

They have an affordable household aid from Poland, which is legally employed by us. You will be billed every month that you can submit to the care fund. No fear please, not black, not illegal and secret and behind handheld and when the neighbor calls at the employment office this means problems, as so often these days at many corners And ends, but is legally and completely legally compliant due to existing conditions of the EU_Brittrittvertrag. Moreover, they would not function as employers, the associated bureaucratic expenses and hardships would not be at their expense

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