Olive oil health benefits

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Even though olive oil is a fat and it is known that some types of fats are bad for your health this is not the case with olive oil. It is very healthy because it contains monounsaturated fatty acids. It is vastly used in the Meditarenean countries. People there live longer and are relatively more healthy.

Over the past decade, numerous researches have been conducted to find out what are the health benefits of olive oil usage. It turns out that:

Olive oil is good for you heart

People who regularly use olive oil are less likely to develop heart-related problems. It turns out that in countries which include this oil in their diet people suffer less from cardiovascular diseases. 

Olive oil can help prevent stroke

One study claims that olive oil users especially elderly ones are at less risk to suffer from stroke, in fact,

the study states that those who use the oil had 41 % lower risk.

 Olive oil helps maintain  healthy cholesterol levels

Some studies claim that olive oil decreases the risk of developing breast cancer.

Olive oil is used in many cosmetic products, it can also be used in homemade hair and skin masks. I strongly recommend to include it in your diet.

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