Olympic Medal Winner Marti Malloy Discusses Various Issues Including Digital Literacy’s Influence on Judo by Matthew Gudwin

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This is the first interview with Marti Malloy who has great insight on the impact of digital literacy helping to influence more women to take an interest in Judo.  She also engages us with what made her join the sport and how it helps her today. Enjoy.  




Matthew: Can you briefly tell us about yourself and your background?

Marti: I am originally from Oak Harbor ,WA. which is where I grew up and first started doing Judo. I have been living in San Jose, CA. for almost ten years now. I came to San Jose to attend San Jose State University and pursue my dreams of becoming an Olympic champion. I graduated from SJSU in 2010 with a degree in Advertising and a minor in Psychology. Since then i captured a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics and silver medal at the World Championships in 2013. I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in New Media while trying to qualify for the 2016 Olympics.

Matthew: What inspired you to learn judo and what inspires you to continue with it to this day?

Marti: I started Judo by following in the footsteps of my two older brothers who began taking classes when we were all just young kids. I continue doing Judo today because i am in love with the sport. Of course I have the desire to excel in the sport and aspire to be the very best in my weight class. But I also love and admire the fundamental ideals the sport instills in its practitioners.

Matthew: Has Judo ever inadvertently helped you in other ways in life?

Marti: Judo helps me inadvertently and directly in life everyday. I have a profound sense of confidence and belief in myself in everything I do and I believe that comes from having spent a lifetime doing Judo. It wasn't until i became a young adult that i was able to recognize this. As my coach Yosh Uchida always says, if you can face the challenges and struggles, both physically and mentally, that you will face in the judo dojo then when you go out in to the real world you will be equipped with the tools and perseverance necessary to deal with life's challenges. 

Matthew: In terms of digital literacy do you think Judo will continue to grow and help influence more women to join the sport from the ever evolving social media platforms on the Internet?

Marti: Absolutely. The growth and prominence of a digitally literate society is and will continue to influence women to participate in Judo. I think a major reason for this is accessibility. Social media allows people to follow, support and track in real time the people and athletes that they admire or are interested in knowing more about. In previous years, access to people in this manner was incomprehensible. As a female judoka myself, i am in a unique position to show other women what kind of feats they can accomplish in judo, and just what it takes to get there. This excites me because it can help inspire a younger generation of young girls who are growing up in a time when martial arts are a part of mainstream media and when double standards pertaining to women are being broken down. All the while they are being raised with more competence in the digital world than most of our grandparents ever will have. These things combined have great implications for judo attendance by girls.


Stay tuned as more interviews are headed your way. Here is the previous interview I conducted for you to read, comment on and enjoy.  





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