Olympic Wrestling: Cutting the Weight

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The countdown is on for the Olympic Wrestling community.  It’s five days before the International Olympic Committee renders its decision to save wrestling…or not. 

In the meantime, I am taking my postpartum recovery very seriously.  Returning to sport at 32 years of age and following a baby is damn near impossible.  I have to be very deliberate in my steps to come back.  There is a plan in place that I will share with you every step of the way.   

Currently my focus is to lose the baby weight.  Considering I am only 5 weeks after baby, my activity level is reduced to hot yoga only.  Therefore, the majority of weight loss will be based on nutritional adjustments.  Download Fat Secret to your smart phone to track your intake and lose weight like me. 

What keeps me motivated?  The buzz around Olympic Wrestling remaining in the 2020 games and the addition of two new weight classes for Women’s Wrestling to Rio 2016.

I admit, I took short cuts to make weight leading into the London Olympic trials.  The result was being a top contender for the team and missing weight by more than a kilogram.  Not even close!   It takes time and consistency to do this right.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way! 

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