On Being Fat

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I always wonder about this thing as many of my high school and college friends always post in Facebook that they are now getting fat and is having a hard time to get back in shape.

First of all, if you don't want to get fat, DON'T eat! lol
Seriously, I can say that food really is the basic thing why a certain person gets fat.
And secondly, it's the lifestyle he/she lives in.
Either he/she doesn't have time to exercise or is just being a LAZY bee.
Am I right or I'm really right? lol

Then why always make a status update about it?
Just to let everyone know that you're gaining weight? ^_^
So what if you gain weight, and if you do, why not embrace it, after all, it's still an investment, right? :D

How about you, are you problematic when you're getting fat?


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