On Deadly Ground

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If the War in Afghanistan, constant suicide bombings, and militant attacks wasn't enough for Afghan people to worry about, now they are dealing with the aftermath of recent earthquakes. Last week two earthquakes with magnitudes of 5.4 and 5.7 occurred in Northern Afghanistan. These quakes have taken the lives of an estimated 70 to 100 people. Although, no official death toll has been provided just yet while search efforts continue.

In other current events in Afghanistan, citizens and NATO soldiers are still being killed like clockwork intentionally and unintentionally.  Just a couple of weeks ago several civilian women and children were killed by a NATO air strike, which has left many Afghan people upset. Within the same week or so a U.S. Military helicopter was shot down by a rocket killing two crew members.

The troubled country continues to be a work in progress in many aspects; education is still up and down across all the provinces, and women live day to day as inferior compared to their male counterparts. And it seems like if people are not being killed or blown up in Afghanistan, they are threatened, kidnapped, or seriously injured by militants or the Taliban.

What makes Afghanistan's situation so sad is a lot of the Afghan people want a better life and country for themselves and their children. There are just pockets of bad seeds (extremists) spread throughout the country along with Taliban rule, that makes the whole country struggle to overcome the corruption and mediocrity. The people in Afghanistan who do want a better home must continue to work with the Afghanistan Government system and military, NATO, and Film Annex for the long term to keep making progress.


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