On Search for Homeschooling in Dubai

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My brother who is working in Dubai had brought his family with him last January after he went for a short vacation, he had brought with him his family and they are now in a family visa.

One of the things that they are working on right at this point is my niece's education. They were working with the requirements but then when they were already going to the school and called, they learned that the schools had already been fully booked. These schools are the Filipino schools in UAE both in Sharjah and Dubai but all of them are not anymore accepting students.

So, we are now on our search for any homeschooling groups in Dubai or Sharjah area. I am a bit sad that my niece won't be able to go to school for this year but I had been reading on reviews about homeschooling and they sound great.

I hope we can find a group in Dubai.

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