On Set With Caitlin Donaldon - By Elliott Johns

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Hi Guys!!

Coming into my second week on working on other peoples films I found myself working amongst Caitlin Donaldson again in my more than comfy role as a lighting op. It was a 3 day shoot and had it ups and downs throughout.

First of all I agreed to do this film having a natural fear of hospitals and lucky for me, we were filming in a hospital, it made me quite uncomfortable at first but slowly learnt to ignore it. Lighting set ups were fairly simple throughout the shoot, I would spend about 10 minutes most trying to get the light correct for the certain shot and slowly but surely we would get there. On the 3rd day I had to try make the room look like night time, something I actually haven't done before, so this time it took me (with the help of a few others) a bit longer to get it spot on. Once it was lit, I personally think it looked really nice but await the directors opinion once looking at the footage review.

As regards to the shoot days, Day 1 seemed a bit manic, we struggled to get much done, it seemed like we were getting used to what we was doing before actually doing it which was interesting. Day 2 was an improvement, we got some important scenes done (which had me lying on the floor) and it felt more of a productive day in the end. Day 3 was very interesting. It didn't start off well with problems with the crew which led me to not only do the lighting but boom op as well, but once on set I think we knuckled down and did really well and somehow got everything we needed. It was a great day, and everyone had a smile on their face throughout.

After 3 long days of hard work, it was completed, the film was done, we had a happy director, a tired Elliott and sleep was then activated until the next one!!

Thanks for reading guys, heres a picture of me in a wig with the sound guy Tom O'Neill pouting, beautiful.

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