"Once broken, now confused"

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Since the day we first chatted, I sensed something unique from you. And yes, I was broken that time and you came to my rescue. I was really having a hard time moving on because I just came from a heartbreaking experience. I felt lost and always think of how to start again. Its just that we really don't know each other personally but we choose to trust each other. I felt the comfort having conversation with you as if we already knew each other from a very long time. I admit that you've made me happy and helped me big time in moving on.

As days passed, we've continued talking as it gets normal everyday. Its like it became a part of my routine texting or chatting you just to let you know that I am always here for you. I might not be your boyfriend but I can be your friend that may do some of a boyfriend things for you. I swear, I'm really grateful knowing you and I'm ready to make a big part of your life if you need me.

Its just that... one night, I felt confused when I think of you, I just don't know why, swear. (And I know, you're still confused on someone you loved.) I don't want to assume too because I'm afraid that you may distance yourself from me. I don't want that to happen. I will just be me, the "me" that you know and maybe someday, who knows? Maybe its part of our fate... just maybe... not hoping though.

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