One and Only King of Music

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Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo , Mississippi on January 8, 1935. He had a twin stillborn brother, Jessie Baron. He used to work as a truck driver for an electric company. He recorded his first album for her mother's birthday in Sun Studio, but he was eventually discovered. Then, the rest was history.

Elvis married Prescilla Beaulieu and they had one child Lisa Marie. They separated and eventually got divorced. It was a bpity that they only have one child.

Elvis' music is unique such that no one can compare with the performance he had given . Only Elvis could deliver power and magic on the songs . Even some people sing his songs, they  cannot do it the way Elvis did back then. We could just hear him now throughhis records. At least , those records are still existing ttayo give us the glimpse of what music was


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