One More Happy Ending

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Latest MBC TV drama titled "One More Happy Ending" invites fans a peek at the characters.

Yoo In Na has been offered a role in "One More Happy Ending" as a former member of girl group. Not only that, Jang Nara was also a former member of girl group Yoo In Na first.

Plays Han Mi Mo, Jang Nara look pretty as a widow who was also a wedding consultant. While Yoo In Na bit messy with curly hair and glasses. He acts as the Go Dong Mi, a lonely widow who is now teaching in elementary school.

Two former members of the girl group the other is Da Jung Baek (Yoo Da In) and Hong Ae Ran (Seo In Young). Da Jung Mi Mo is a co-worker who is also divorced from her husband who is rich.

Whereas Ae Ran is a fashion lover who also works in the online shopping mall. Four women were once members of the girl group called Angels. After the girl his group disbanded, they remained friends and switched professions.

"One More Happy Ending" will tell the life of this idol former head when entering the age of three. Ranging from friendship to love their journey full of conflict. The drama also starring Jung Kyung Ho

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