One Natural Cause of “Amnesia”

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The term amnesia in the title above is written in quotation marks for a purpose, as you will learn toward the end of this blog post. I am not talking about a bodily disease here, but a social disease. Enjoy reading.

This concern came across my mind when the surgery of my sister came to my remembrance. If you are not aware of it, my sister underwent an open heart surgery sometime in February of 2014. We needed a good amount of money at that time. Since we didn’t have savings, we leased some appliances and jewelries to raise the needed amount.

Also, we tried to reach out to people who owed us money. One of our relatives borrowed money from me when his rice field was ravaged by Typhoon Pablo. I did not expect to earn an interest from the money because my intention was just to help. However, he insisted to give an interest in kind, that is, one sack of rice, which I happily accepted upon his insistence.

Later, I heard a rumor that he had received a huge amount of money after someone paid him for a piece of land. I wonder why he did not remember to pay me at that time. When my sister was due for operation, we had no choice but to ask for repayment because we badly needed some money.

After hearing about our dire financial need, our relative paid me half of the owed money. Still I can't help wondering why he hadn't settled his obligation when he was able. I want to tell you, though, that I don't have bitterness in my heart toward him. I just sigh in disappointment and said to myself that people do tend to have amnesia after they get what they need. LOL!

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