One Night 4: The pro wrestling fan fiction saga continues...

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One Night story 1: Tim Donst and Austin Aries

It was a warm December night in Orlando. Tim had a try out with TNA Wrestling. I was hoping he was going to be facing against Michael Hutter, but, to my surprise, he is facing against, Austin Aries. I watch the match. It was really getting nuts. I haven't seen him like this, since he faced against his last opponent. Those two went at it like there ain't no tomorrow. I seen how it went and sure enough, to my own shock, Tim end up beating Austin Aries. After the match, Austin Aries attack Tim. It was bad. After the match, I watch Tim being carry back. I went to the back to check on him. "How are you?" I ask Tim. "I am fine. Did you see my match?" ask Tim. "Yeah, I am surprised that you won! No one would do that against him!" I said. "I know" said Tim. We both kiss. Tim grab my hand and we walk to the locker room. No one was in it, because it was empty and Tim found it for us. I sat down and Tim tells me something. "I am going to be right back" said Tim. "I will wait for you" I said. So, I did. It took Tim about 10 minutes, until he came back out, but, he was all naked. "What is going on?" I ask him. "Come with me" said Tim. Sure enough, I knew I was in danger. I saw that Tim brought me into the shower and then he strip my clothing. I was sure enough, that was it, but there was more to this. Tim kiss my neck and then he work his way to kiss my lips. Soon, we were having an unexpected visitor. I turn around. "You!" I said. It was Austin Aries. "Hello Lindsie" said Austin. "I can't believe you are here! But, what do you want? My heart belongs to Tim, since he beat Chris Hero" I said. "True, but, I so want you" said Austin as he start to feel my breast. Sure enough, something was about to go down and it was me. "What are you going to do on me?" I ask.

"Why we are going to fuck you" said Austin. "WHAT? Why?" I ask. "It's because we want to!" said Austin. "Tim, is this true?" I ask as Austin starts to penetrate my ass. "Yes, I am very sorry Lindsie" said Tim. Sure enough Tim penetrate me in the front. Sure enough, I screamed and the guys moan. I was sure enough that I was being so screwed. I screamed so loud, Tim had to shut me up with kissing me. Sure enough, someone heard me screaming and it was Velvet Sky. She heard me and she saw what happened. So, she ran to Dixie Carter. Dixie sees Velvet and Velvet told her what happened. So, the two ran to the locker room and suddenly she screams. Soon, she was joined by her husband, Serg Salinas. "What is going on?" ask Serg. "I see sex going on at my arena!" shouted Dixie. Serg went in there and he yelled at us. "All right you three break it off!" said Serg. They did. I was really so upset. Dixie and Velvet comfort me as I explain to them what is going on. "So, let me get this straight, Austin Aries wanted you still?" ask Dixie. "Yeah and even though, I do not want him anymore" I said. "You know what, I am going to have no choice, but to punish Austin Aries!" said Dixie. "But, what about Tim Donst?" ask Velvet Sky. "Well, I don't know. He did defeat Aries" said Dixie. "Please, I beg of you, don't call the police!" said Tim. Dixie thought for a moment. "You won't be punished or I will call the police, on one condition" said Dixie. "Anything!" said Tim. "Take care of Lindsie. Don't ever abuse her like that. She will need love and this was not the way to do that" said Dixie. Tim surely understood what Dixie said. We quickly got dress and then leave. Tim started the car and we drove back to the hotel. As we got to the hotel before we went inside, Tim looked at me. "Lindsie, I am very sorry about what happened" said Tim. "I forgive you. But, please, be careful on what you are doing" I said. "Sure thing" said Tim. Before we enter the hotel, I went into the back of the car as I pretend I drop something in the back. "Uh, Tim, I lost something in the back" I said. "What?" ask Tim. I started to climb in the back.

Sure enough, Tim sees what I am doing and he joins me in the back. Tim and I sat in the back and I go down to the floor with my ass on high. Tim took the chance to just fuck me. I know I felt him, and sure enough, I took the chance to sit up and wrap my legs around him. I look at him and we both kiss as he so fuck me hard. Sure enough, he reach his peek and then we went inside of the hotel and gone to bed.

One Night story 2: Chris Hero

I was rushing around the mall with Chris and sure enough, we had a hard time looking for something for our evening, since today is his birthday. We had to stop at some places to get for our evening. After that, we went back to his apartment. Chris was really happy that we are going to have a great night. "So, Lindsie, what do you have plan for my birthday?" ask Chris. "Oh, there will be stuff. I promise that we will have a great dinner" I said. "Sure you will" said Chris. "Babe, I love you, but don't push it!" I said. "Don't push it? Really? Well then, I am so going to kiss you for that!" said Chris as he came and kiss me. I started to laugh. Sure thing, Chris and I made out. We then went to do things. I had to get Chris' cake, which I ask him and did some searching, and had to order the cake. I got the cake and then I got back to the apartment and seen that Chris got dinner. Chris was getting ready. So, I put the cake away and then get ready. As, I got ready, I was thinking how the night will go at plan. Sure enough, I got ready and seen the dinner. It was sushi as what Chris has got, since our first date. "Chris you got what you want for dinner, but, what about me?" I ask Chris. "Do you think I got this for me? No, silly, this is for us" said Chris. "Okay. I was just checking" I said. I went to sit down next to Chris. We start to eat. I feel so happy spending this night with Chris. As we finished eating, Chris and I talk about what he is going to do. "Chris, I got to know, what are you going to be doing? Are you going to stay here in Florida or are you going to move back to Ohio or Pennsylvania?" I ask Chris. "I don't know. I love living in Florida, but, I am not sure, yet. But, when I do, you will know" said Chris.

"Okay, so, you can't wait for my surprise for you?" I ask. "Yes, that I am" said Chris. "Sweet. I'll go get ready" I said. "I can't wait!" said Chris. I went to get ready. I came back out and Chris was blushing like crazy. "So, how do I look?" I ask Chris. "HOT!" said Chris as he wipe his mouth. I started to giggle. I come to Chris with seductive moves and Chris love it. Soon I got on his lap and we soon made out. It lasted us for an hour. Sure enough, I went to get the cake for him. As, I grab it and bring it to Chris, I was thinking what is going to happen next. Chris was surprised to see what I got for him. "Lindsie, is that?" ask Chris. "Yes, I did got it for you. I hope you like it. Happy Birthday Chris" I said. "Thank you Lindsie" said Chris. I cut a slice of cake for Chris and then just start to feeding to him. "You are so naughty" said Chris. "I know" I said. Chris started to feed me back. Suddenly we kiss. Suddenly we went to the couch and end up making out to having sex. Chris strip off my outfit and I strip off his clothes. Chris then gets on top of me and he totally penetrates me with ease. I started to moan and Chris kisses me to keep me shut. It was so much nuts, but, I know this is not over. Chris want to continue this in our bedroom. So, he gets off of me and then he carries me to the bedroom and he places me on our bed. Chris then gets back on what we started. I really was feeling him. Sure enough, Chris reach his peek. After that we talk. "Chris, I forgot to mention, I also got something for you to have" I said.

"What's that Lindsie?" ask Chris. "Well, we are going to New York for New Years and I also got a few concert tickets for your favorite performers" I said. "Wait, you did?" ask Chris. "Yes, I did, just for you. Happy Birthday Chris" I said. "Aw, Lindsie! But, I also got something for you, besides that I hope you will be carrying our child" said Chris. "What's that?" I ask Chris. Chris went to get something and he came back with a box. "Here, I hope you like it" said Chris. "Thanks Chris" I said as I got it from Chris. I open it. Suddenly I cry. "Will you be my wife?" ask Chris. "I do!" I said. Chris take the emerald engagement ring out of the box and place it on my ring finger. Soon, Chris and I hold on to each other and quickly kiss and fell asleep.

One Night Story 3: Dominique, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose

It was a crazy December night and Dominique wanted me to go on a date with Dean Ambrose, since I broke up with Chris Hero, Austin Aries, and Tim Donst, and Dean was caught saying that he was gay, but, he wanted to prove that he is not. I had to think about it. Sure enough, Dean and Seth show up. Dominique went completely went ape. "Hello Sethiepoo!" said Dominique. Seth blushes like crazy. "Hello Dominique. Hello Lindsie" said Seth. "Hello Seth. Dean" I said. "Hey" said Dean. We went to this restaurant and Seth order dinner for the four of us. We ate. Seth and Dominique whisper to each other something. "You guys, what are you talking about?" I ask. "Well, if you insist, Seth and I are going to have sex" said Dominique. "WHAT? You two are going to do that?" I ask. "Yeah, but, I will leave you with Dean, since it will give you two time together" said Dominique. Dean haven't said a word, but, wen he hears what Dominique said, he had to say something. "Wait, you want me to spend time with Lindsie?" ask Dean. "Yeah, if you are not gay. Get to know Lindsie and find out why she broke up with those three guys" said Seth. Dean was in shock. Seth and Dominique was going to leave, but, they pay for dinner. "So, what happened to you dating those three guys?" ask Dean. "It didn't go well, because, I wanted to be intimate, but, they got so busy" I said. "Oh, so do you want to?" ask Dean. "I guess so" I said.

So, Dean and I went back to the hotel and to his hotel room. Sure enough, Dean and I sat on the couch. "So, how do you want to do this?" ask Dean. "Just kiss me" I said. He did. "Is that the best you got?" I ask him. "No" said Dean. He so kiss me with tongue and all. I started to smile. "So, now what?" ask Dean. "Just let me do this" I said. I took off Dean's clothes. Dean understood and he took off my clothes. Sure enough we went to the bed. Dean knows what is going on. He kiss my body all around. "Oh Dean" I said. "Yeah, Lindsie" said Dean. "Please start to fuck me" I said "I will" said Dean. He does. He starts to penetrate me and I moan and so does he. He kept going at it. I am starting to feel happy, and Dean sees that I am happy. I gave him a chance to feel my breast. So, he did. Sure enough, Dean and I kissed. Soon, Dean reach to his peek and he gets off of me. "Well that was sweet" I said. "Yeah, and I so want to see you again" said Dean. "Me too" I said. We then kissed again and we kiss more. Then, we hear a noise. It was Dominique and Seth. "Sounds like they are going at it" said Dean. "Yeah, I know" I said. We went next door and sure enough, we see them go at it.  "Domi. Seth. We heard you two" I said. Dominique screams. "Lindsie! Dean! Hello!" said Dominique. "Hey you two" said Seth. "So?" I ask. "Well, how did you two went?" ask Dominique.

"Well, we are in love" said Dean. "Dude!" said Seth. "Is this true?" ask Dominique. "Yeah, I know it's true. I know, but, this is for the best" I said. "Lindsie this is so cool!" said Dominique. "Yeah, I let you two go back to your love making" I said. "No, we are tired. Good night you two" said Seth. "Good night" said Dean. We left and went into the room and fell asleep.

One Night story 4: Chris Hero

So, it's Claudio Castagnoli's 33rd birthday and Chris and I tweeted to Claudio and wishing him a happy birthday. I know as well as Chris knows that something is going down tonight. It was the match that he and Tim Donst have been waiting all month. Their epic match that is going down. However, I became the reason more why they are having the match. "Are you kidding me?" I ask Tim as I tweeted to him. He replies. "We are not" said Tim. "As you should know, he is not following me!" I said. "Wait, Chris is not following you?" ask Tim. "Yes, it seems that we are, but, he is not. So, unless you got another reason why, how can I be it?" I ask him. "You have to ask him" said Tim. "We will see" I said. I tweeted to Chris, which he reply back. "I really want to know you and I forgot to follow you" said Chris. "Okay, but, here is a problem, how will you get to me?" I ask to both Chris and Tim. Sure enough, they both answer to me. "Well, I am going to find you" said both men. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? However, I will give you a hint on where my location is at, if one of you two wins" I said. "Okay" said Chris. "Sounds fine with me" said Tim. So, that was it. It was very weird. But, suddenly I saw a direct message from Chris. "Hey Lindsie, I got to know, are you okay with this?" ask Chris. "Yeah, why are you asking?" I ask. "Listen, to be honest, I ask this stipulation, because I started to feel happy, when you tweeted to me and I know that Tim felt the same way" said Chris. "Well, I am surprise to hear this from you. I am not sure that Tim could be honest. But, thanks Chris" I said. "Your welcome" said Chris.

So, tonight was the show, I had to watch the show online. I watch both men go at it. They went at each other and sure enough, I see what Chris did to Tim as what happened to Chris when he faced against William Regal earlier this year, by separating the fingers. It was just bad. "I can't believe he did that" I said. Sure enough, Chris took the advantage and just beat Tim. I was shock. After the match, Chris said that he will see me later. Well, he was not kidding. I told him where I was at. Suddenly Chris made his way and sure enough, he got to my home, about an hour before midnight. He knock at the door. My brother open the door. "Hey, is this where Lindsie lives?" ask Chris. "Yes, she is upstairs" said my brother. Chris went upstairs and he sees me. "Well, you look so sweet" said Chris. "Thank you" I said. We end up kissing and sure enough, we so made out. But, that went to something more then that. We had sex and it was the best. Chris started to kiss my body all over and then he penetrate me. The thrust and the drive to this sex proves that it was so sweet. Once Chris reach his peek, we both moan and then we get off. Chris lay down and I got on his chest. Chris hold me tight. "Lindsie, that was very sweet" said Chris. "Yeah, I know. I been thinking about you, Chris" I said. "Really?" ask Chris. "Yeah, I was thinking that we would never meet" I said. "But, we are now, sort of" said Chris. "Yeah, your right" I said. I start to rub Chris' chest all over. Chris started to smile. "This is feeling so good" said Chris.

"I know it does. I am glad that I get to see you" I said. "You are right Lindsie" said Chris. Sure enough we were going to fall asleep, before I ask Chris something. I know that this really feels so good and it just makes me feel that I am so not alone. Chris is glad to be with me.

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