One Night Series: First installment

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I am going to share with you my One Night Fan Fiction Series. This is a huge crazy stories of a one nighter with wrestlers and yours truly. It's different stories and please don't freak out...thanks!

In my first installment that I done in April of 2013, I was still in caring of WWE. However things will change during the next few installments.

One night: Story one-Dean Ambrose

"Lindsie, what's wrong?" ask Dean. "You and I been seeing each other for three months and despite that you been on the road, I just want to be alone with you" I said. "I know. I am trying to make sure that these crazy fans to believe in The Shield. But, I think we can do it tonight, after the tag team match with Seth, Roman, and your friend, Dominique" said Dean. "Your sure?" I ask. "Yeah. Tonight is our night. I'll meet you back here. Here, I am giving you money and go buy something hot. Okay?" ask Dean. "Alright. Have fun with Seth, Roman, and Dominique. Just don't tell Domi about our plan" I said. "I won't. Last time I told her that I was seeing you, she threw a steel chair at me" said Dean. "Yeah, she's not happy that we are together" I said. "Well, bye honey" said Dean. I was shock. "You never said honey!" I said. "What? I thought I did" said Dean. I giggle. Dean kiss me on the lips. Dean left the room.

I went to a mall after I ate at the dinning hall at the hotel. I went to stop at a few stores to get something sexy. I knew where to go. I went to Spencer's where they have lingerie. The female store clerk ask me about it. I said it was for a guy. She was glad. Her and another friend was talking about the Shield. The friend said that she and her brother want to screw Seth and Domi and the female store clerk said that she wants to screw Dean, but then she let out a sigh. I ask her what's wrong. She told me that Dean was seeing a woman. I said that he must have someone who have makes him happy. The female store clerk agreed. After I pay, I left. The friend said to the store clerk, that she believes that I am dating Dean. The female store clerk laugh. Boy, the friend is right, but the female store clerk did not believe.

I got back to the room and went to try it on. It fit. I had to eat light, because I don't want to add more pounds. After I eat, I went to see an tweet from Domi. She was still upset with me, but she want to let it pass and she told me that she will protect Dean. I was glad. I went to watch TV. It was nothing much on. As the hours go by, I waited. Soon, Dean came back and he was smiling. I forgot that I had the lingerie on. "Lindsie, you are so sweet and hot! I really love it" said Dean. "Aw, Dean!" I said. "Please, call me John" said Dean as he smiles at me. "Okay, John" I said as I blush. 

"So, I beat Antonio Cesaro, but his buddy, Kassius Ohno attack me. He is mad about the bet" said Dean. "Really? I done nothing wrong" I said. "Yeah" said Dean. Soon enough, Dean walk me to the bed and he had me to sit down. He took off his clothes and then he sat down and got me up. He start to remove my top lingerie and he sees my breast. He looks at them and he feels them. "Your breast are real. I really love that" said Dean. "Thank you John" I said. He smiles. He start to play with my breast. "Your breast are fun to play with" said Dean. "Oh John! Your so too kind!" I said. Soon Dean took off my bottom and he was going nuts. I started to get on my knees. 

"So, what are you going to do?" ask Dean. "I am going to suck your dick!" I said. Dean started to smile and let me. I suck it so hard, he moans. "Oh! Lindsie! I am loving it!" said Dean. I stop and got up. Dean let me lay down and he started to take his fingers and start rubbing my pussy. Then, he started to lick it with his tongue. I started to moan. "Oh! John! Your sweet!" I said. Dean knew he has been hitting my spot and he knew it was time. Dean sat up and he knew that he wants to do it. So, he sat up and I sat on his lap and swing my legs around him. His dick penetrated my pussy. I scream. Dean moans. "I...I...I can feel it!" I said. I hug him and had my nails dig to his back. Dean growls and then he kiss my neck and he bite me. I scream more. "You are so rough" I said. "I know that. You are so beautiful and I want you to say that way, after we have kids" said Dean. "What?" I ask him. "Lindsie, I want you to take care of our kids and be their mother as I will be their father. I do love you my wife" said Dean. "What? Is this a proposal?" I ask him. He shake his head. "Yes, I do!" I said. Dean smile. Soon, he was reaching his peek. We then both scream. Soon, I got off of him and then we breath heavy. I was in shock that he wanted to marry me, but during sex. Soon, we feel asleep under the covers after we kiss.

One night: Story two- Seth and Domi Rollins

It was that night that I won't forget that we had a wild threesome. My dear Chris had to visit his mother in Ohio and I was alone in Florida at our home. We been married for four months and Chris had to visit his mother, because she was not well. I got a text message from Dominique saying that she and Seth are coming over. I said sure. They came over in a hour. They brought me dinner in the last few days and they knew that I miss Chris. So, they both decide to have a threesome sex. I look at them. "Chris won't be happy if you fuck me Seth. He would kill you" I said. "I know, but, I will put the protection on for you so he won't kill me, but when I fuck Domi..." said Seth. "Oh god! I will love it!" said Domi. We just look at each other and got undress. Seth sat on the couch and he placed the protection on and he started to fuck me, while he kiss Domi and I play with her breast. We kept going at it until it was Dominique's turn.

Dominique lay down while I went to go get this strap on dildo. Seth started to plow Domi. He work on her until I came back. "What the heck is that?" ask both Seth and Domi. "It's my strap on dildo. I decided to use this. I had put it on my large teddy bear when Chris is not home, but, I decide to wear it. Hey Seth! Help me put Domi on my strap on dildo on her butthole" I said. "Sure!" said Seth. Domi acted so bad. "No! Not my butthole!" Domi said as she screams and giggles. Sure enough she was on. Then Seth was on top of Domi. The three of us went wild. Domi and Seth moans and I kiss Domi's neck. Soon Seth reach his peek. After that we breath so heavy. "Holy crap! That was fun!" I said. "Yeah!" said Domi. "I'm tired!" said Seth. Sure enough, I let Domi and Seth stay for the night. We end up cuddling up together. "Good night my siblings" I said. Seth and Domi laugh.

We fall asleep. Each of us in our dream had a thought of another version of what happens if Chris was in this crazy orgy. It was just plan nuts. Soon, it was daybreak. We all woke up. "Hey Lindsie, morning" said Domi. "Morning Domi. Morning Seth" I said. "Good morning ladies" said Seth as he kiss my cheek and he kisses Domi on the lips. "Did you two dream about Chris?" I ask them. "Yeah, it was weird" said Domi. Seth shake his head. We all talk about the dreams that we had, when we ate breakfast. I check my phone. "Oh crap!" I said. "What?" ask Domi. "Chris is coming home!" I said. "When?" ask Seth. I show him the text. Seth and Domi had to help me clean up. After that they leave. I said bye to them. It was such a night, I won't forget.

One night: Story three- Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero)

It was a warm night. I was swimming alone in my aunt and uncle's pool. They and my mother went to have dinner with my grandmother and they haven't return. Soon, there was someone at the gate. It was Kassius Ohno. "Hello, Lindsie!" said Kassius. "Chris! Hi! Let me open the gate for you" I said. I got out and was walking fast to the gate, because I got so cold. "So, what's up? Please come in" I said. "You text me to come over, remember?" said Kassius. "Oh right! I forgot" I said. Kassius came in and he hug me. "I am wearing my swimsuit. How is the water?" ask Kassius. "Fine, it's warm, but it will get cold, but, my aunt told me that it's a heated pool" I said. "Cool" said Kassius. I walk back in the pool and Kassius took his t-shirt off and his shoes off and came in. "You are not kidding" said Kassius. "I know, Chris. I was waiting for you to come" I said. "Yeah, I am glad that we have privacy" Kassius said. "Yeah" I said. Kassius came up to me and he hug me. I was smiling. Soon, we kissed. Suddenly, my bottom of my swimsuit came off. "Chris, what are you doing?" I ask him. "I wonder if this would work?" ask Kassius. Soon, Kassius lost his swim trunks. I look him and remove my top swimsuit. "I am glad that we are doing this" I said. Kassius shake his head.

Kassius sat on the steps and I grab his dick and started to rub it. I was looking at him. He was smiling. Soon it was time. I got up and sat down as his dick penetrate my pussy. I started to scream. Kassius had no other choice, but to kiss me. He and I were hugging and I had my nails dig into his back. "Ouch! Did you do that?" ask Kassius. "Well you know, you have me in" I said. Kassius kiss me. "I understand" said Kassius. We kept going and then I got up to the ledge of the pool and Kassius went to do me. He work me hard until he reach his peek. We both moan and then we got in trouble.

My aunt, my uncle, and my mother came out to join me to swimming, since they had my grandmother to put to bed. "Lindsie!" said my mother. "This is not what you are thinking, mom" I said. "You have a whole lot of explaining to do Lindsie!" said my aunt. "Mom, Lisa, Jim...uh, this is Chris. Let us get our suits back on and I will talk" I said. They let us. "So?" ask my aunt. "We been seeing each other for a few days" I said. "And?" ask my mother. "We are in love" I said. My aunt and my uncle were embarrassed. My mother was not. "I am surprised that you are happy. I should seen this" said my mother. "Joann, this can't be right!" said my aunt. "What?" ask my mother. "I thought Chris was dating that British chick?" ask my uncle. "Who, Valentyna?" I ask. My uncle shake his head. "Valentyna is a friend of ours. She came to tell me about Lindsie arriving to Florida and she introduce me to Lindsie" said Chris. "Oh!" said my aunt. "Yeah, she kept tabs of the both of us" I said. "How so?" ask my uncle. "Well, it was last year, I bump into Tyna, who was with her boyfriend, Stu. She told me about Lindsie on twitter and I look on. I saw she tweets like crazy. Mostly of me and Seth. I was smiling" said Chris. "So, the two of you were doing this behind me?" ask my mother.

"Yes, I am sorry mom. Chris makes me happy and you should know already" I said. "I forgive you. I should seen that coming. I am glad that you are happy, Lindsie" said my mother. "Thank you mom" I said. So, we swim and got inside of the house. We dry off and Chris and I sleep in my room. Of course, we are naked. "I am sorry that this happen like this" I said. "No problem. Your mother is cool and nice" said Chris. I smile and kissed Chris on the lips. "Well, good night Chris" I said. "Good night Lindsie" said Chris. We both cuddle and went to sleep. The next day, my grandmother notice that I had company. So, she smiled. My mother made breakfast for us and brought it in. We both wake up and said good morning and ate breakfast.

"So, this was bad" I said. "No, I think this is sweet" said Chris. "Yeah, I guess so" I said as I started to blush. After we ate, Chris had to leave. He told me that he will call me. My mother knew that I was happy. It was so sweet. I know that I really love Chris so much. Chris also loves me. He sees it in my eyes that I love him. I knew that he went to train and I went shopping with my aunt and my mother. Soon enough Chris text me for a dinner date. I agree to it. I was glad to spend time with him. After all, I am carrying his child.

One Night: Story four- Valentyna, Wade Barrett, and Chris Hero 

"So, let me get this right. You and him, me and Chris, alone in a room! Is that so?" I ask. "Yeah, I know it's so much to ask, but please Lindsie, you get to be with him" said Valentyna. "Alright, but we have dinner first" I said. "Don't worry, we are going to be at The Melting Pot" said Valentyna. "Oh that's cool. Nice fondue ever. But, we need to be careful, I can't have Chris being a pig" I said. "I know" said Valentyna. I was concerned about this. I did not want Seth and Domi to come, because this is more mature as possible and I can't have them to go nuts. So, we all meet at the restaurant and I was blushing like crazy. Valentyna sees it in my face. She knows that I am blushing on how handsome Chris is. "Wow...I mean, hello Chris, you look handsome this evening" I said. Chris could see it in my eyes and my face. "Hello Lindsie, you look beautiful this evening" said Chris. Chris kiss me on the cheek. 

I got more red then ever. Valentyna and Wade who came behind Chris started to laugh. "This is so cute!" said Wade. "Knock it off Wade!" I said. Wade put his head down. We all look sweet. Valentyna wore a light grey dress with black stockings and light grey shoes. Wade had a light grey button shirt, black pants, and black shoes. Chris wore his black button shirt, grey pants, and black shoes. Chris has wore his black frame glasses and his hair is pulled back. As for me, I am wearing a very sexy black dress, black stockings, and black shoes. I am wearing my black and red frame glasses and Valentyna help me put my hair up in a bun. 

The four of us enter. I reserved that private booth that my mother done for me on my birthday, two years ago. We say down and order drinks. Wade was not happy that he can't get drunk, despite that Valentyna promise him that they can on another night. We order cheese and spinach fondue to start off the night. Our server was being nice. Then we order a seafood and meats platter with vegetable stock. We did not order dessert. So, we eat. While we eat, Chris ask me something. "So, how long before you finish taking classes?" ask Chris. "Well, I should be done by next spring, but, I was suppose to be done this spring" I said. "Oh" said Chris. "Yeah" I said. We both blush and feel nervous. "Lindsie! Chris! You two are so sweet and cute when you blush!" said Valentyna as she smiles. "Yeah" I said. It was weird. As Wade paid for dinner, Valentyna notice that Chris was holding my hand. I was holding his as well. "Ah, those two are so sweet" said Valentyna. "What? Oh yeah" said Wade. We headed over to the hotel by walking. As we got in we saw the room.

"Well this is it" said Valentyna. "Wow, this is huge, Tyna!" said Chris. "Yep, all thanks to Lindsie to give me the ideal" said Valentyna. "Me? How?" I ask. "Don't you remember?" ask Valentyna. "Right. I remember. It was because I went with my mother. She had to book us in a room that October. I remember because Chris had a twitter war against Ricardo" I said. "Oh, yeah. Well it's because Alberto did not had a twitter account" said Chris. "Yeah, cause you wanted to made Ricardo mad. I was thinking about you, when I was alone in the room, adjacent to the other room that my mother used. I was really hoping you would come and we sleep together" I said. "Aw, Lindsie. I know that I had to face against Alberto, but if I didn't, I would come to you" said Chris. It was very nice of what Chris said. Valentyna let Chris and I have the bed and the two would be in the other room. We close the door and let them be. I was so nervous and Chris smiled. He sat on the bed and I end up sitting on his lap. We soon then kissed. I was feeling so happy. It was very sweet. "Chris, your lips are sweet like candy and soft like feathers" I said. "I know, Lindsie. Your lips are soft as rain and sweet like cherries" said Chris. We continue to kiss more. Somehow, I went to make my move. I started to unbutton Chris' shirt a little. He knew what was going on. So, he start to unzip my dress a little.

We kept doing it while we kiss. It was crazy, but it made us happy. Chris and I got all naked. Soon enough Chris start to feel me up. His hands were gentle and I felt ticklish, but it felt so sweet. I took my hands and feel all over Chris. Soon enough, Chris had me to warm him up. I went down on to my knees and there I begin to lick and suck his dick. Chris moans so sweet. He feels like I done this before, but Chris is my first. I stop, because, I let Chris work on me. He start by feeling my breast and then he have me to lay down on the bed. He kisses my stomach all the way down to my sweet part. Then, he takes two of his fingers and started to rub my sweet part and then he lick it. I moan and scream. Soon, it was time to do it. Chris got on top on me and he penetrate me. I moan and Chris kiss me. I feel so happy. I kiss Chris on the neck and he kiss my neck.

My nails dig his back and even though it hurts him, he kept kissing me. Chris kept it going and soon, he reach his peek. I moan. "Oh, Chris! I love this!" I said. "I know!" said Chris. As Chris reached it, I scream so loud, I was so smiling. Once Chris is done, he got off and he and I breath so heavy. Valentyna and Wade saw everything. "I knew that this would work!" said Valentyna. "Yeah, if you said so" said Wade. "Why?" ask Valentyna. "Well, because those two should be living together and not to mention, they should be married" said Wade. "Like we should?" ask Valentyna. "Good point. Well I am going to sleep" said Wade. "Alright, I will be there" said Valentyna. I look at Chris and Chris looked at me. We kiss more. "I love you" said Chris. I was in shock. "I love you too" I said. "Are you okay?" ask Chris. "I am fine. I never hear you say it first" I said. "Well, I really do" said Chris. "Yeah, your right" I said. "Aw, Lindsie" said Chris. Chris and I cuddle and kiss once more. "Good night Lindsie, I love you" said Chris. "Good night Chris, I love you too" I said. We both fell asleep.

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