One Night six: a holiday one nighters stories fan fictions

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Well, this is my sixth installment of One Nights...I do tell really crazy one night stand in fan fiction form. However in this sixth installment, I will not be doing Austin Aries anymore, since I finally done with him. However, you are going to be in shock for this.

One Night-Story one: Tim Donst

It was the night before Christmas and everyone was asleep, except for me. I was listen to a story of usually would be seen as a cartoon, but, with a twist. I was very upset that this story was corny! So, I get on to social media no doubt about it and end up contacting Tim Donst. I told him my frustrations no doubt. I waited for an hour for his response. When he responded this is what he told me. "I'm sorry about that Lindsie. It was recorded a few years ago" said Tim. "I don't get why this would be true. I know it's corny and you are so sweet! You make me feel so naughty! I do like that!" I said. Tim was shock and surprised. All he wanted to see me tonight. So, he ask me one thing for tonight. "Lindsie, can I see you tonight?" ask Tim. "But, what about your parents and your family?" I ask. "They would have to forgive me, because I need to see you. They would be glad that I am in love" said Tim. With all this complements and asking to see me, I told him yes to come and see me. I told him where I do live and straight away he do come. I got downstairs and saw him I did as he pulled up and park as he did. I smiled as I open my door to him. Quickly he came up to me and we kiss in site. There was so much kissing and tongue. I was so happy to see him as he was too. We end up on the couch still kissing no doubt. Then suddenly we got naked indeed. Then what happens next was to be not seen by youngsters, we have sex. We do it in the missionary position. Nails were dig in the back. Moaning and kissing was so true. I was loving this as so was Tim. So much thrusting indeed. "Faster! Faster! Faster!" I said. Tim know what had to be done. Soon enough with a peak to end this, he had to do it in me. Once that was over and more kissing happen. We both fell asleep. By morning both my brother and my mother came down. They were both in shock and scratch their heads. My brother tries to call the police, but, my mother stop him.

They were both in shock of what they see, two lovers asleep. Of course with my mother do what she can do, wake both of us and screamed at us. "What is going on?" ask my mother. We looked at shame. "We had to see each other and now it's Christmas" I said. "I will have to go" said Tim. We both kissed and then Tim had to leave. To see his parents is what he has to do. As for me, my mother stare at me. "Well, I am glad it's not you and some two former friends Jonathan has" said my mother. "Yeah, let's not go there" I said. I got dress and open my gifts. After that, I got on to my computer and saw Tim sending me a message. I was in shock. He wants me to see him for New Years! I was going to be so happy! So, I reply back, but, I told him one condition...I can't drink. He end up understanding that. But, it was not only that, but, if the test came back, we are going to have a baby by September.

One Night: Story two-Chuck Taylor

Chuck and I were in Kentucky to see his folks for Christmas, but, his folks were on a vacation themselves. We had the place to ourselves and got some grub. As we need something more then the grub, it was that whiskey that Chuck ends up drinking. He was so drunk and it was not even 5:30 in the evening. I was so mad at him. So, I watch some tv and there was nothing much to watch, except for wrestling. Chuck did have some of his matches that he had on DVD that his folks kept. Chuck was surely was still drunk and started to have some racial slurs that even Rich Swann would kick his ass. By the time it was 10:30 and I watch Chuck's tag team match with Rich Swann and Johnny Gargano on this DVD, Chuck was mostly sober and was seeing me watching his matches. "Damn, how long has I been drunk for?" ask Chuck. "At least five hours" I said. "What are you doing my darling, Lindsie?" ask Chuck. "I am watching your matches. Who knew that you are so very talent" I said. "Yeah, better then that lame excuse of your ex, Chris. Cheating on you with that woman!" said Chuck. "Please don't remind me. Tomorrow is Chris' birthday" I said. "Right, it is Christmas Eve" said Chuck. "So, I am just going to bed" I said. "Huh? No way" said Chuck. "Why?" I ask. "Well, I am not tired" said Chuck. "Well, then, what are we going to do?" I ask.  "I think I know" said Chuck.

Chuck was still buzzed a little, but, sure enough, he came to me. He kiss me and I kissed him back. We got naked and Chuck ends up doing it inside me, on his parents bed. We kissed and moan as he was on top of me. Then, I turn the tables on him, as he was on the bottom and I was on top. Chuck was so confused of what is going on, but, he like it! Then, he do me in the back and sure enough, when he reached for his peak, I was so joyful! When that was over, I went down and so did Chuck. We kissed and then we lay and we talk. "Where did you learn that?" ask Chuck. "Would you believe me if I told you that I learned it from the internet?" I ask. "Maybe" said Chuck. "Well, let's go with that" I said. Chuck started to laugh. "Trent is so not going to believe this!" said Chuck as he laugh. "Come on Chuck, please don't!" I said as I hit him with a pillow. "What was that for?" ask Chuck. "You being a jerk!" I said. "Lindsie! Relax, I was just kidding!" said Chuck. "Really?" I ask.. "Yes, I am. Just that Trent would end up teasing me" said Chuck. "Okay" I said. We both kissed and then we fell asleep.

One Night: Story Three- Jesus De Leon

It was a very crazy New Years Eve. I was in Puerto Rico and Eddie Kingston ends up ditching me for some chica. I cried. Suddenly, a man came up to me. "What a beautiful woman like you crying?" ask the man. "It's my boyfriend...or should I say my ex boyfriend, ditch me for some chica!" I said. The man grab me and wiped my tears. I look at him. "Wait, I know you! You are that guy Chris Hero wrestled in Florida!" I said. "Yes, my name Jesus. I am wrestling here for the new year" said Jesus. "Yeah, I came with Eddie. He was going to be wrestling against you and Carlito" I said. "Yeah, but, what I just saw, Eddie was treating you badly" said Jesus. "Yeah, he was treating me so badly. I confront him and he beg me to take him back over and over" I said. "How about this, if Eddie comes up to you before the New Year's Day show, I will kick his gringo butt!" said Jesus. "Yes, that would be great!" I said. Jesus smiled at me and then he took me to his hotel room. "I don't have my stuff. I left it at that hotel that Eddie and I were staying" I said. "Don't worry, I will go get it" said Jesus. I told Jesus were my stuff is at what hotel. He went to get it. About an hour later, he got it. "I got all of your stuff" said Jesus. "Thank you" I said. "No problem. I did not see Eddie in the room. He still out" said Jesus. "Good. I hope he knows that I am not there" I said. "I am sure. By the way, I did not wanted to be a noisey, but, you don't have a dress? Why?" ask Jesus. "Well, Eddie was suppose to buy me one, but, he lied to me" I said. "I will take you to get you one, my treat" said Jesus. "Thank you" I said. We went to this store and I tried on many dresses. The one that made the both of us smile was this elegant dress that it was in white. I looked at the price. "This is too steep!" I said. Jesus knows that the dress was on sale. "I will buy it. Besides that, the party that we are going to that everyone is in white" said Jesus. "Really?" I ask. "Yeah, didn't Eddie told you about the white party?" ask Jesus. "No, he didn't" I said. "Well, the promoters here host a party for New Years Eve and this year's theme is white" said Jesus.

"Wow. I would love to go, but, don't you have to be invited?" I ask. "Yes and I told them ahead while you were changing that I am bringing you to the party" said Jesus. "Aw, thank you" I said. "Your welcome my dear bonita" said Jesus. After the shopping, we went back to the hotel and got ready for the evening. As we got ready, I got a really nasty text message from Eddie. He was so mad that I was not back at the hotel. I did not bother to reply. Instead I block his number. Jesus saw that I was upset. I show him the text and told him that I block Eddie. Sure enough, he smiled. We walked to the street and go through the streets to the club, which it was not that far. As we got there, everyone was so excited to see Jesus. I felt left out, until Jesus introduce me. A lot of people were charmed for my manors and they were glad that I did not came with Eddie Kingston. As the music hits and everyone was dancing or drinking at the bar. Jesus and I were dancing. But, then there were trouble. Eddie Kingston came with his lady that he picked up a few days ago. "Ay, Eddie is here!" I said. "What are you saying Lindsie?"ask Jesus. I pointed to him. Jesus sees Eddie. Jesus grab me. "Where are we going?" I ask. "We are going to the VIP lounge" said Jesus. As we went to the VIP lounge, Eddie sees us. He tried to follow us, but, was denied entry. We were alone. As we were waiting for the hours of the new year to happen, I was so amazed. Jesus order some drinks. As the drinks came, I sip one and I was buzzed. Sure enough, the room was spinning. Jesus ends up taking the advantage on me. I was so freaked out when he tried to strip me naked. "Please don't!" I said as I slap him.

Jesus grab me. "Let me do you!" said Jesus. "Ouch! Please stop! Your hurting me!" I said. He did. "I am sorry" said Jesus. "Why are you sorry?" I ask. "It's because I haven't seen a sweet woman like you. I want to just do you!" said Jesus. "Fine, I will let you" I said. So, we did. We end up having sex. Jesus took the lead. It was crazy, yet sweet. There was some moaning and kissing and sure enough as Jesus reach his peak, I screamed.  We kissed and soon we got up and got dress. As all of this moaning and screaming happened, Eddie Kingston was getting so jealous, he tried to get up to the VIP lounge, but, failed. Jesus and I looked outside and watched as moon shines so bright. Then we get out of the club when we saw Eddie trying going after us. As we got out there and watch as the fireworks were going off. It was so amazing. As the fireworks goes off Eddie Kingston tried to go after me, but, he was stop by the police. Someone called the police due to what Eddie did. I was glad that he was gone. It was midnight. A new year and a new man within my life.

One Night: Story Four-Chris Hero

I was rushing so fast with Sara Del Ray and Candice LeRae. We were getting supplies for Chris Hero's birthday party in his hometown of Dayton. Chris's mom, my mom, and my brother were start decorating the hall that I rented out for tonight. Joey Ryan and Claudio Castagnoli was so busy to keep Chris distracted. I was so nervous. "Lindsie, are you okay?" ask Sara. "No. I am scared" I said. "Why?" ask Candice. "It's just that Chris let me host the party for him and what's more crazy is that I forgot some stuff that I forgot to get before we got here" I said. "I know that Chris's mom order the cake" said Sara. "Yeah, I know. My mother order the gifts for him from me. However, I don't have my dress!" I said. "What?" ask Sara. "Yeah, the dress I order and sent to my hotel room has not arrived. I had to call to where it is at and they said it's being delivered" I said. "I wonder if this have to do with those trolls you told Joey and me about" said Candice. "Got to be" I said. The girls were concerned about me. As we got everything, we got back to the hall and drop it off. My mom and Chris's mom were worry about me. "Is Lindsie okay?" ask Chris's mom. "She's nervous. I guess she wants to see your son again" said my mom. "Yeah, I know most of those women were taking an advantage on my son, but, your daughter see that through. I am very disappointed with Chris falling for those other woman, but, I am glad Lindsie came to his rescue" said Chris's mom.

We finished the setting up. I went to my hotel room and saw my package arrived. It was my dress that I order. I open it and tried it out. It fit me perfectly. It was a red dress. I had to get ready. As I did, Sara and Candice came to me at my hotel room. "Lindsie! Chris is about to be arriving soon! Are you ready?" ask Sara. "I almost am ready!" I said. I came out of the door. Sara and Candice were in shock. "Lindsie, you look so hot!" said Candice. "Why thank you!" I said. The ladies smile. I see that both Sara and Candice also got dress up too. They look stunning, but, both ladies agreed that I look more better. Because, deep down, they know that not only this is about Chris, but, also me. As we go to the hall downstairs, everyone that Chris and I knew were there, except for Joey, Claudio, and Chris. I was wondering what was taking so long? Sara called Claudio. She find out what is going on. "Uh, Lindsie" said Sara. "What?" I ask. "Chris, Claudio, and Joey are stuck in on an elevator!" said Sara. "What? How long has it been?" I ask. "Three hours. Claudio just text me" said Sara. I was so upset. When our mothers heard, it was just that bad. I went to try to go upstairs, but, the elevators were not working. So, I climb up a few flights of stairs and got to my room. The ladies tried to follow me, but, our mothers insist to leave me alone. About an hour later, the elevators are working. Chris got out with Claudio and Joey. The three went to the hall and saw everyone, but, Chris felt something wrong. He sees his mother. "Happy birthday my son" said Chris's mom. "Thanks mom. But, I feel there is something is wrong" said Chris. "What do you mean by?" ask Chris's mom. "It's just that someone put this party together and I know it was not you or my friends" said Chris. "You're right" said Sara. "Who did?" ask Chris. "It was Lindsie" said Candice. "What? She's here?" ask Chris. "Yeah, she is upstairs in her hotel room" said Sara. "I must go get her! I knew that Lindsie was behind this!" said Chris. Sara told Chris which room I am in. He took the elevator up again and find my room. I was crying in my hotel room, when I heard a knock. "Go away!" I said. "Lindsie, it's me Chris. Can I come in?" ask Chris. I stop crying. I quickly got up from the couch and open the door. Chris was standing there. He was wearing that outfit on that night that he attack William Regal.

"Chris" I said. "Lindsie, I can't believe that you did this for me. Thank you" said Chris as he kiss me. "No way, I should thank you" I said. "I know. I can't believe you came in this cold weather, just to see me wrestle" said Chris. "Well, that was not the only thing" I said. "Yeah, the party too" said Chris. "Yeah, you could say that" I said as I giggled. "Oh, whatever it is, maybe we could do it after the party?" ask Chris. "Yeah, sure thing" I said. We went back downstairs to the party. Chris was so happy that he has got what he wanted for his birthday, me. As we got there, everyone was so happy. There were a whole lot of dancing, story telling about Chris being on the road, including what happened in Japan by Colt Cabana, gifts to give, and most of all the food and cake! It was very cool and sweet. After the party, while most people were trying to get a cab home, because everyone nearly got drunk and I did not allowed the bar to be open for Chris's sake, but, a lot of people sneaked some booze in and now they are flat ass drunk. I was going to my hotel room, when Chris ends up following after me. We both got on the elevator and just started to kiss. As we got up to my room, we kept on kissing. I was giggling. So, was Chris. It was that we were just going to do it. We got to the bedroom and I took off Chris's clothes as Chris took off mine. I was just can't believe that we are going through with it. It was getting to be so crazy.

As I lay on bottom, Chris got on top of me and he just do it. It got inside of me and Chris just do it. The thrusting and we kissing. Oh it was so mad. I was so lost in his kisses. By the time that the sex was done when Chris reach his peak, Chris got off of me and we just looked at each other. "That was something" I said. "Yeah, you are so not kidding me" said Chris. "Well, one thing is for sure, I am glad to see you" I said. "Me too" said Chris. We both kissed. "Happy birthday Chris" I said. "Merry Christmas Lindsie" said Chris. Soon, Chris and I fell asleep. By morning, we both awake. Chris and I end up going over to his mother's house as we were joined by our mothers, my brother, Sara, Candice, Claudio, and Joey. They both see us and looked. Joey Ryan was going to say something, but, Candice LeRae stop him. "Don't you dare say it. Not now" said Candice. "What? I was going to say it!" said Joey. "Don't!" said Candice. "If you two want to know if he fucked me last night, the answer is yes" I said. Candice, Joey, Sara, Claudio, my brother, my mother, and Chris's mother got this shocked looked. "Lindsie, that was uncalled for!" said my mother. "Sorry mom" I said. "Well, it's true" said Chris. It was just that awkward. Chris and I just looked at each other and kissed. We just enjoy breakfast that our mothers made. This evening was our turn for dinner. Just, that it was so much...


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