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Hi everyone,

This week we introduce you to Jack Tew, a filmmaker who has been with us for a while but never had his "moment" on our homepage... until today! When Tew is directing, he pays great attention to detail and likes to focus on his characters. We discovered his work with One Night Stand, a short comedy whose title explains it all ;) A quick look at the set design will prove that we were not lying about the details! We like Tew's work also because he is able to surprise us by nailing down different genres. His other short film, Flowers, will take you on a scary ride and show you that Tew is also a master of suspense. The young director is currently working on a new short film whose main character will be a fly! Intrigued? Read more about it on his blog.

We know you like our classic movie serials, so here's one more to check out! The Lost City tells the story of scientist Bruce Gordon, who goes to the African jungle to stop a series of natural catastrophes. There, he'll face giants and spiders, be captured by natives and forced to marry a Queen, while trying to help his friends and defeat the evil Zoloc. Who said scientists can't be heroes? Nobody.

And the 8 top movies of the week are:

Devil's Fuji by Karlis Vitols
The Vagrant by Greg Tosolini
Frere Benoit by Michel Dufourd
Geranium by Tal Haring
2D Soul by Eldar Usmanov
The Violin by Zac Fallah
Notice by Amy Hill
Earth by Toni Williams

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The Film Annex Team

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