One of the cool river in Indonesia

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Who said that surfing can only be done in the ocean? come to the kampar, riau and see unusual sights there. Many surfers are busy surfing on this river, it is a special case of this is the kampar river at certain times of the big waves that arise can be used for surfing.


Although only existed as river that can be used as a place to surf, but make no mistake, this river is very well known by surfers the world know! great right. And he cried again created waves sometimes very large so it can be "ridden" surfers. Large waves is called the "bono" by local residents and surfers world.


Well for bono in large measure comes only when the full moon is full. when peak bono, wave heights can reach three meters. Althought currently small bono, surfers could still surf and suitable for beginners class.

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