One wife is good, 50 wives is better!

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You must be having your personal opinion on love and marriage. So do I. And recently I with my personal opinion was talking to a very pretty girl from Cameroon

She is one of eleven children of her father who has a child from each women. Polygamy is still allowed in Cameroon. Although her mother didn't marry her father. Women are struggling for equal rights there nowadays. The amount of wives is unlimited. A man can have as many wives as much money he has. There is a "chief" of one village who has 50 wives. Practically the whole village is his family

Only one rule exists: a man should support all of his dependents. Sometimes all the wives live in one house on the different floors. But of course women prefer not to contact to each other and choose a man who can build a separate house for each of them. A husband can stay in any house as long as he wants. Usually they have a schedule

Weddings are rich and crowded, it's hard to imagine a man who can afford 50 weddings. I think there are better ways to invest your money. But it is a tradition Cameroon. I asked that girl, who studies in New York right now, what was her opinion. She said that she could imagine a situation when her husband has another wife, "as long as he supports me and my children." And she added: "I definitely don't want to see him around all the time!" Is it giddily or wise? Many generations of Cameroon people had been living like this, so it should make sense. It is useful to think of what's happening in this world from time to time. May be you can discover something new for yourself, think widely. Don't let traditions score off your personality. 

I am still trending to monogamy and marriage-bed, but I understand the logic of polygyny. I wish women in Cameroon will no longer be forced to share a husband. But let them do this if they feel comfortable. 

P.S. tell me if you know a good way to support women's struggle for equal rights in Cameroon. 


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