OneSpark 2014 - Crowdfunding Festival in Jacksonville, Florida

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OneSpark 2014 is a crowdfunding festival held in Jacksonville, Florida.  Creators from all over the country gathered on April 9, 2014 in downtown Jacksonville to present their projects in hopes of winning the grand prize of $50,000! 

There were incredible projects and creators. Many of the projects focuses on humanitarian and eco-friendly solutions to some of the toughest challenges facing humanity today! The winner will be selected today!




There were sponsors featured everywhere throughout the event. OneSpark ranged across the entire downtown Jacksonville, area! Several streets were closed off and thousands of people were there in support of the local and national crowdfunding projects. Sprint was one of the supporters. I managed to snag a picture with this guy! He must have been burning up in there!


There were dozens of independent artists preforming there songs in hopes of raising money to make an album! This was one of the supporters. He wanted to create an album and all the proceeds were going towards helping build homes in Venezuela! We hope to see you there next year, and if you have a project, you should enter and present your idea so you can win up to $50,000! Thank you for all the participants. It was a great experience! 

Thank you!

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