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 As the Internet is extending world widely; it will be available for much more people. Internet is an affordable, easy, and extended way to communicate, deliver and send information, sharing the ideas and advertising. It is possible to do it all in social media, websites, weblogs, and through emails. Now the internet users in 2013, all over the world are pretty nearly 3 billion, and are increasing swiftly. The users are connected to the internet everyday or as the necessity or willing. By starting up the worldwide social networks as facebook, Twitter, linkedIn, and so forth, millions and hundreds millions of people gathered together in an online social network which made a great place for doing online ads, and communicating. Online Ads prepare plentiful occasions for small business, due to affordable, easy-reaching, extension of exposures, number of users and the quality. The business that is able to take advantage of it, and adapt itself with the rising status will accelerate its growth.

As the internet is changing to a much more public, affordable and easy device of communication, its Impression is also improving, and the online Ads get the further rate of advertising. Online Ads through email, social media, web sites and web logs removed the political borders, and is world widely done. As an article in that surveyed 1000 small businesses nationwide explains that “The majority (66 percent) of small businesses plan to invest as much or more in digital marketing” so, by extending the bazaar, much more business improve their investments and the bazaar would be much more competitive and remunerative with great opportunities. Altitude Digital as a leader in online display and video advertising technology, as it is declared in its mission that is “to empower publishers to effectively monetize and optimize their online display, video and mobile inventory” could by investment and creativity keeps its leadership in digital market, extend it, strengthen its role and take advantage of the opportunity.

The virtual world is much faster changeable than the real life; it is also so fast-moving, remunerative and needs the creativity, so only the business would be able to work in, that could provide the essential conditions. As the social media is getting wider, more opportunities are being created, so the leading leaders are those who are able to use the opportunities the most.

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