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If you are in a desert, but you have an iPhone in your hand, you are not alone anymore. You can chat, talk, search, watch, and do many other things when you are connected to the internet. The internet changes the world the way people communicate, work and make money. We really need to appreciate this resource for the speed in which it allows us to achieve all of the above.

                In Afghanistan, most of people do not have access to the internet. In addition, Afghan schools do not usually offer internet facilities to the students. However, imagine how great it would be if Afghan students, especially girls, could use the internet at schools. They could give presentations, look for extra information, and better communicate with each other. Furthermore, the internet makes it possible for Afghan girls to get in touch with the rest of the world, which would be impossible otherwise.

                 Now the internet can be a teacher itself that can give information about almost anything one can imagine, and it helps students to be more independent  and expand their knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live. Moreover, the internet can be a great resource for Afghan girls to foster social activities, and advocate for the women's right movement by using social media like Facebook and Twitter.

                Most of the schools in Afghanistan follow the traditional curriculum which is not updated and does not teach students how to use the internet as an educational tool. For example, students have to sit in classrooms for hours listening to long lectures that are not very helpful. I am not blaming anyone here because the students and teachers have limited resources. Therefore, what Film annex  is doing in providing a class room with access to the internet is a great asset in developing countries.

                Internet brings a great impact on students lives, and help them to be more engaged and creative in educational programs. I am positive that very soon in the future, I can see every Afghan student having access to internet at schools.

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Fatima Hadari is an Afghan student now studing at the St. Timothy's School in Maryland, USA. She loves writing because it allows her to express her feelings freely. When she was 12, she started blogging in Farsi. Now she writes for Afghan Women Writing Project, Film Annex, and Women's Annex.…

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