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I really am not fond of joining the contest, especially on my real boring life *giggles*. But then, this specific Facebook friend of mine caught my attention, she did win on different contests online. I checked her "Congratulations Album" *whispers* sort of being a stalker that time, huh, nope, just being a curious individual though. Nyahahaha!!

I did jump on her other albums though. And from reading on her status updates, I had made up my mind that I would try out joining such contests. I then start on my twitter account. I did follow Cream-O twitter account. And did check their profile every now and then hoping for their next online giveaways! hehe! Yeah, a bit addicted on their cookies eh. hihi!

I was really excited when they finally announced about their summer eater contest! ^_^ haha. I was just, like, jumping all out! *giggling in the corner*.

Above is the actual photo about their Summer Eater contests. Yeah, I did submit a photo of me and my mini barkada while eating a cream-o cookies! hehe! Wanna see my entry? Hmm.. Just promise that you won't laugh huh? Promise? Okay! Here you go! hihi! :P

They indicated the contests duration of their Summer Eater. It lasts up to three days. Yet after that April 3 I haven't hear anything about the contest and so I just assumed that they postpone that Summer Eater chuva! Haha! Then Last April 10,2015 after 1 week or seven days to be exact, of waiting, they did finally announce their Summer Eater winners! ^_^ Haha! I am not expecting that much. But to my surprise, I saw my awesome username on top 1! Oh yes! I am included in their winners! Haha! What an April month I have. ^_^

Though they didn't have an official announcement on how we can get our freebies, I am still happy because I did win for the first time! ^_^ You can try your luck as well ;) Joining online giveaways is free! Goodluck ;)


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