Online Examination Tests in Mahjube Herawi High School Started by Afghan Citadel

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Mahjube herawi High School students are learning computer by Afghan Citadel. The computer training classes are still in progress. The students are becomes more familiar with the computer and computer programs. Miss Haida Tawakol familiarized them about Examer system; the student learned how to work with Examer and how to answer the questions.


In this week the teacher had prepared the first quiz test with Examer system and she took his first exam via Online Examination system. The Mahjube Herawi students were became too excited when took the exam from Examer system, they said that it would be really helpful for their future and they would famalireze more with computer through this system.


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Mahjube Herawi School is located in the third district of Herat Province on Mokhaberat Street. It was named after a famous woman poet Mahjube Herawi (Mahjube Herawi’s real name was Bibi Safora and she was one of the famous Farsi pouter of Badqhis –Afghanistan. Mahjube has about 5,000 poems about…

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