Online Video as a Marketing Tool

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   Have you ever thought of making your own videos to promote yourself?

   Online video is a low-cost and effective way of marketing and it has been proven successful year after year. According to comScore, a study released on February 2011 showed that 82% of all U.S Internet users viewed a video online once or twice as part of their common online activities. With this much attention to online video, it is no wonder that social media experts are devoting precious time and effort to creating viral video campaigns.

   But just how much does online video benefit businesses?


   According to Invodo, a leading eCommerce video solution, a person is 85% more likely to buy a product they have seen in a video review than a person that hasn't. This gives eCommerce websites a great tool to use in order to improve product sales.

   But online video doesn't just work for eCommerce, or for businesses, it works for everything else too, such as helping a website rank higher and attracting more visitors to your blog.

   With social integration, sites that provide users with videos on a constant basis are more likely to receive 30% more traffic. This is because most users that reside in social networks are likely to click an ad on a video than in any other medium. How's that for a marketing advantage?

   In fact, you've probably watched a video or will watch a video after reading this. That is how much of an influence online video has had on the average Web user. It is just a faster and quicker way to find out about anything ranging from politics to sports to piano-playing cats.



  Videos are everywhere. 

  Pick up a camera or editing software and start making those videos!


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