Only 4 seconds may pause during this difficult time easier

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Panic and uncertainty in the full four seconds of silence will help to restore your senses. Photo: File

Birmingham: uncertain situations or during early decision-making becomes a difficult process and often pressures sit under the wrong decision. Anxiety or stress in the brain is a natural process, but to correct an error in judgment author Peter brygmyn his new book, 4 seconds, very easy recipe to make the best decision at the right points.

They argue that if you or someone engaged in a debate and you feel that the situation was out of control if you re-take control of matters to you just need a four-second intervals is.If your four-second pause and take a deep breath and then naturally your mind during that time, relax and get the oxygen that you can decide better understand the urgency of the situation.

Similarly, if you stress are feeling and a meeting or interview before the perplexed and your anxiety every waking moment has been increasing only 4 seconds, all thoughts from the mind out a long breath, Not only will calm your mind but also the challenge ahead will be better prepared to compete.

If you are engaged in an important conversation or speech, and confusion, and being unsure if the full four seconds of silence will be helpful to restore your senses.

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