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People crack me up...... there are people that claim to be poor and say that they cannot afford to lend a poor person $5...... yet they own a nice sized house drive 2 cars always can go out to dinner, go on vacations several times a year in the USA and in other countries. They also own homes and property that they rent out. The family of four have expensive hobbies as well. Yet they do not have cable for their TV because they say it costs too much!

One person that I know said that she spends $50 just on magazines each week and said she got a pen for her dog and said...... it was only $100!...... ONLY!

When I told an online friend of mine that I would love to be able to afford to go one vacation..... nothing extrvagant! He said you should come stay here for a month (Africa). To come here and spend a month it will only cost about $10,000!......ONLY!



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I am a christian widow, mother of 3 and grandmother of 4. I love Disney World. Want to find ways to earn online!

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