Only the jobless appreciates the blessing of a job

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When you are employed, and you have to stay late in the company to finish a piece of work, you will curse and swear.


That is the time when you really hate your job.


However, once you lose your job, and cannot find another job, you will appreciate the blessing of having a job.


Many people are too complacent when they hold a job in the same company for ten years or more.


They feel very safe and secure. 


They think that they are too valuable to the company.


They slack, and push all the tasks to someone else.


They curse and swear, and lament about the lost opportunities over the past decades.  They keep saying that if they had invested in such and such company or if they had bought a house in the town central, they would not need to suffer such dreadful job.


They forget that longevity in a company is not an asset at all. 

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