Oracle introduced - Phoenix and Brood into CM

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As announced a few days ago, Valve has now released the new patch that introduces the new hero Oracle. Alongside the hero release, Valve has also added Phoenix and Broodmother to Captain's Mode, as well as adding the new Phantom Assassin Arcana.

Dota 2 welcomes a new hero in its ranks as Oracle enters the game. As previously announced, the new hero will now be available in the game, but not for Captain's Mode. The competitive mode however will see two new heroes join the pool as Phoenix and Broodmother have been added. While Broodmother has been in CM before, it is the first time for Phoenix to make a splash in the competitive scene, outside of the Captain's Draft tournament.

In addition to these hero patches, Valve has also delivered the Arcana for Phantom Assassin, which won the Arcana vote in the TI4 Compendium. Together with the set comes an event called "Nemesis Assassin" - Event. What the event entails has not been revealed just yet.

Compendium owners will now also be able to display their favorite heroes with their favorite cosmetics in-game in their base as statues. The dormant gems have also been activated and they enable an emotican for compendium owners.

Check the full patchlog here. The new patch went live on the test client first. As always, it can be expected to go live in the main client within the next week. 

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