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From the south asian countryside to the schools of Afghanistan, the past month I’ve noticed many social media primarily facebook users posting what they are most thankful for.  I thought I would associate that very concept into my weekly overview article. This week we were able to share a great deal of client content,  STRATEGICALLY, with the digital world. Our newest partners include and . I’m thankful for the team at Film Annex helping and leading the charge on many of these efforts.  This week the Film Annex Capital Partners team was able to generate quality reporting results giving our clients the sense of satisfaction they need in tough economic times. We would like to thank the PR Newswire (MultiVu) social monitoring team for offering a credible third party tool to help measure our success.  Building business mechanisms each week that create value is our goal. Educating those who may not have the ability to receive quality schooling is another way we offer thanks for what we have.

After reading many articles by our founders Francesco Rulli, and Mike Sweeney, I began to realize our business model is extremely unique. We are in the business of providing specialized target marketing however the main goal is to help people and partners we are most thankful for.

Our partners define who we are at FACP offering cutting edge service makes us thankful for every opportunity we receive.

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