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The recent decision made by the head office of next for all the stores operating in the UK gave them a target sale of 1 million pounds in a certain limit of time. As soon as the target was set, strategies were made and the teams were made in every store by the mangers and they were given a target. The structure was formed strategically to keep the employees motivated.

There was a lot of hard work to be done to achieve this target. Many incentives and promising rewards were introduced so that employees could be motivated to do their best. Apart from bonus with the salary, employee of the month would be introduced, some airplane tickets for the ones who make the highest sales. This kept the each employee active in carrying out his task and they were kept quite motivated throughout the procedure.


These tough decisions made by the next are often hard to achieve. However, they do involve the employees in the decision-making, by giving them a say in it. In addition, they keep the employees motivated by any means giving them a reason to work hard for. 

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