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Osmoregulation is the process of homeostasis of water it is the control of gain or loss of water and dissolve salt.Condition in our body constantly changes such as our temperature, blood pressure,excretion from these thing mechanism of our body changes these changes would effect the chemical reaction take place in our body and thus our body damage.


    If the tissue fluid are much concentrated it will withdraw water from cell by osmosis.osmosis is the process in which fluid flow from lower concentration to higher concentration.If tissue fluid are too dilute then cell take up too much water from cell by osmosis and tissue will become swollen                                                                                     

Organ that can detect these changes called as sensor or receptor
1) A stimulas that bring change in internal enviroment.
2) Receptor which can detect the stimulas.
3) An effector which make condition normel.
In a man the concentration of glucose in the blood plasma is constant.Rise in concentration of blood glucose is harmful because as a result red blood cell and white blood cell will be shiring and become dehydrate. If glucose level in blood rises after feeding and fall after starvation.                                                                       after feed ing glucose is absorb in the blood of small intestine due to which its concentration increase in the blood which convert glucose into glycogen.On the others hand when blood glucose concentration decreases the blood secreads on the other hormones called as glucagon which is transport into liver which convert glucagon into glucose which enter into the blood and keep the blood glucose level constant thus there is balance of solute and water in the body in the body.


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