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In line with the program of increasing the number of bitcoins i have searched and began being active with this site. Before its LOB that i find  my no. 1 source of bitcoin but now its going bad so there is no need to depend on this site. From the family alienfaucet alone there are other members of bitcoinalien faucet that are generously giving you free bitcoins 


1. Treebitcoin  a new faucet with a unique feature, you grow your bitcoin tree and earn more whenever your tree grows bigger. 

2. Moonbitcoin 5 minutes 1000 satoshis per hour , my favorite and the highest paying faucet , simply because you can open a drip and leave the browser tap open and come back later to 100 and 100's of free bitcoins. 

3. Bitcoinzebra  350 satoshis per hour , a really quick and easy faucet that 100 to 400 ( on the average a jackpot of 1000)n on an hour

4. 777bitcoin 1- 500 satoshi per hour , a new faucet with great structure , its a flexible faucet . The amount rises and fall with the bitcoin prices. 

5. Bitcoinker  15 minutes - 400 satoshis per hour , another of your favorite with a 33% of winning 100, 200, 300 satoshis and a payout every 15 minutes again another one of the highest

6. Battlebitcoin two faucets and a game to play .A really simple faucet just one short page and easy to claim and the best part is they pay 750 satoshi per claim , you can claim every 4 hours. 

7. Fairyfaucet  progressive faucet , 200 satoshi per hour , this has a unique feature, check the bar at the top to see which stage they are in at the fastest stage they pay out 200 satoshis every 5 minutes. 

8. Pint Tussy  30 minutes - 600+ satoshis per hour, fast submission and paying about 300 satoshis every 30 minutes. 

9 BitcoinXfaucet  if 10 top faucet is not enough then get the free report "How to get 2.7 million satoshis for free . It is updated monthly and a 5 minute step by step guide to show you how to get the 2.7 million satoshis. 

10. Freebitcoin 1 hour - 300+ satoshis pays this as a minimum , they also have a dice game where you can bet for your winnings and more..

11. Welovebtc.com great claims, lotteries and games, claim 300, 400 and 700 . play the lottery for 100,000 satoshis or play the for the extra satoshis. 

12. Playbitcoin vote for the cutest animal and claim 200 satoshis every every 10 minutes . If your animal wins you will get extra 100 satoshis every round. 




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