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Our senses make us aware of what is going on in this world around us & whatever changes are occuring. Without these senses we would be very lost.
VISION...Our vision is very important as it provides the brain with such depth information about the bodys surroundings. Our eyes work the same way as a camera would work. In our eyes we have lots & lots of tiny nerves that send messages to the brain . The brain then tells us what it is we are looking at & what we need to know about it. Not all peoples eyes work fully 100%. I f your vision is weak, you require glasses. Some people have difficulty seeing certain colours.


Our ears detect waves of sound that travels through the air. Any sound we hear is passed into our ear, then straight to our brain. Our brain then identifies the level of the noise and the direction. Some people experiance peoblems with their ears resulting in them not being able to hear. They are then required to wear what is called an hearing aid gear which is fixed in the ear to make sound better.


Our tongue is just a muscle with lots & lots of little spots. These spots are called the taste buds that allow us to taste our food. Food which we can enjoy and are able to recognise what we are eating.


Our skin acts as a sense organ. It contains lots of different kinds of cells which enables us to feel our surroundings. As soon as we touch an object a message is passed on to our brain identifying what this object is & how it feels.


Our nose can detect more than 10 000 different smells. Our 2 sensors which are our taste & smell are important & both work together. Once we have smelt something a message is passed onto our brain which then tells us what the object is.....


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