Our Adventure in Four Lakes

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Four Lakes -  Kabayan,  Benguet, Philippines

Around last week of March 2016,  we decided to  visit the well know Four Lakes  of  Kabayan, Benguet. 
Upon entering   Ballay, Kabayan,  the barangay where  Four Lakes is situated, we could already feel the change of temperature where cold wind  is starting to reach our skins. It was sunny yet it feels like December  weather is just around  but surely, it  would be the kind of climate you'll  love and visit once in a while. 

Nearing   to our destination, you could already view one of the Four Lakes along the road, the  Tabeyo  Lake.  We arrived early but some tourist are already there and  others even  camp out  near Tabeyo Lake.  Not included in the photo but a registration  site for visitors or tourists  is also near  lake Tabeyo, 

Image  01 -  A view of Tabeyo Lake

After  enjoying the view, taking some pictures, registering,  we  headed to the next lake.  It was  road away from the first  lake  and  we  need to enter the mountain to  take a glimpse of  the next lake. There, we started hiking and taking pictures along the way for the beautiful and forest like path were walking. It  was a mossy forest where trees, branches, leaves are all  over in your left and right and even in your path.

And we have arrived. Below is the glimpse of Ambulalakaw Lake.

Image 02 - Ambulalakaw Lake 

Not that far from  lake Ambulalakaw, we have entered a  misty  or foggy part where  Detepngepos  Lake is viewed. Though it is not that misty that you can't see your surroundings and the  mist sometimes  disappear when  rays of sun hit the place. 

Image 03 - Detepngepos Lake

It was already around lunch time  before  we have arrived in the last lake with all the hiking, taking pictures which  usually consumes  most of our time. :)

Finally, the Incolos Lake. We clearly do not see any water like the three lakes  but  you'll feel  like walking on foam  when  passing Incolos Lake.  It is said to be  that the  lake has been covered already by some amount of land enough to cover   the whole lake. This why, tourist are to walk along the side of the lake since the center of the lake may act like a quick sand upon stepping. 

We found  some spot near Incolos Lake where  we had our picnic lunch.  After our lunch, we headed back using the same path we used and  prepared to  go home after an awesome adventure. 

Image 04 - Incolos Lake 

In addition, there are some tales beyond  each of the lake  where their name is based on. You might want to ask the  local tour guides  once  you have the chance to visit these mystical  lakes of Kabayan,  Benguet.  

Also,  Junior Pulag is also  near the  Four Lakes though we did not  hike it during our trip.




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