Our Enjoyable Lunch

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I prepared a simple meal for us.
I went to the nearby talipapa (fish market).
I bought one (1) kilo of tilapia as my eldest son requested. One kilo has 3 pieces. It costs one hundred fifteen pesos (115php).
I have chosen the live tilapia to rest assured that it is still fresh.
When my youngest son and I went home I have cleaned it first then pour some salt and set aside.
I decided to cook it into two, fried and sinigang (stew) so that we have some soup.
The head part of the fish is for sinigang.
I forgot to buy veggies ha ha.
So it is purely fish and tomatoes only.
Of course I added some tamarind mix to sour.
Then after the sinigang I fried the tail part/ half part. Kids love it as toasted.
And because we are from Philippines, which rice is the main food, we had plenty of rice on a plate ha ha.

Hungry much?
For making our lunch more enjoyable, I prepared a juice as well.
I bought one tetra pack of tang watermelon and one piece of ice.


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