Our future is our hand

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Do you know the meaning of “our future is in our hand?’”. Why do the people like tthat? What is the benefit of saying that wise word?.

OK I will try to answer the questions above. In my opinion, the meaning of the wise word “our future is in our hand” is everything we want to get depends on our own struggle and our own effort to make it true. We must do by ourslves seriously, we must believe in ourselves that we can achive it soon, we must do and do the actions to achieve our future.

Many people say this wise word to someone else is to motivate and to remind that every one has own ways or method to make their dream be true. Don’t forget to always do action and pray to god in order our future comes true like what we drreamt sice child.

The benefits of this wise word is to be optimism and self confident to study and to look for some jobs in the world and to prepare next life

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